Looking for something else, I found this

skierWhat was I looking for? A picture of the beauteous bathroom wallpaper that came with The Landfill when we bought it. A large format floral pattern in a palette of blue, green, purple, and silver. Yes, the metallic version of the color silver. Didn’t I say it was beauteous?

I wasn’t really expecting to find a pitcher that focused on the wallpaper. I was looking for a gratuitous shot. One where somebody was taking a pic of the beach urchins in the Blue and Only and happened to get the wallpaper in the background.

I have yet to find a wallpaper pic but I did find this gratuitous shot of a little blue Ford Fiesta, aka Daddy’s Little Blue Car. And a certain skier in a beauteous white ski jacket with green chevrons across the front. This jacket was part of the fanciest ski outfit I ever owned. There was a pair of matching overalls and a green ski sweater too. I bought it in Steamboat Springs on a ski trip with a whole bunch of Fin Fam members. Good times.

I had saved up enough money for the trip and a new ski outfit. What I didn’t anticipate was that the day after I bought the outfit, I broke a ski tip. Budget? What budget? Fortunately my old coot was also on that trip and he sprang for a new pair of skis. Olin Mark IIIs. I bet they are part of a chair by now.

By the time this pic was taken, I had pretty much switched completely over to x-c skiing. Hence the [Calvin Klein] jeans because insulated ski overalls are way too warm for x-c skiing unless it is 18 below zero or whatever, Also, I was married. How do I know that? Because I am wearing a blue sweater I bought in Nova Scotia.

You might guess that by the time this pic was taken, my sense of “style” was in the process of devolving from ski-babe [wannabee] to queen of whatever ratty old layers I can dredge out of the washtub in the bottom of the bathroom closet at 0-skunk-30 in the morning. And so, I have inadvertently managed to bring this entry full circle, *from* the Blue and Only Bathroom *to* the Blue and Only Bathroom.

2 Responses to “Looking for something else, I found this”

  1. Sam Says:

    You are the Queen of Stories. (I remember that car! And its…_golden_ friend…amIroit?

  2. Margaret Says:

    I enjoy finding other photos when I’m looking for a different one, but often get lost in memories when I do. I need to write them down, like you!