Fort Frances

fortfrancesReaching into the high time machine to avoid boring you with more recent news. Not that there is any news, just continuing to come count down until Day 13. This is the end of Day 11. My hand, over all, is very strong. Somehow, I managed to open a jar of capers tonight. It took some doing but I did it with my right hand without stressing my middle little finger, so yay me. I guess. Jeebus. Will life ever be the same as it used to be? I am trying to be optimistic. It was such a silly little injury and yet it has caused so much chaos in my life. I can’t even imagine enduring the multiple injuries that could be incurred in an automotive or bicyclng or skiing accident.

Here is Fort Frances. It is named after my mother and the GG created it back before the beach urchins were born and I am not sure that my mother (Frances) ever visited it. It probably washed out before she had the chance. During the penultimate years of The Commander’s life, the GG had the idea to build a small shelter up on the bank where she could sit and enjoy the beach without enduring the elements. We never built that structure and, for the rest of my life, I will wonder exactly why, especially since The Comm (who owned the property) had given us the go-ahead.

Watching Twin Peaks re-runs. 💜

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  1. Margaret Says:

    That’s a great fort! I hope that the finger will be normal soon. YES, life will be the same as it used to be. Eventually.