A belated blast of summer

I went out the front door to throw something in the Handy Dandy Planet Ann Arbor Recycle Cart this morning and nearly collided with this gorgeous web, which the spider was actively spinning. iPhoneography NOT at its best. Deal with it 💩


Ho-hum. We’re crossing the Big Mac for the umpteen billionth time. Followed by a grokkery stop at the St. Ignace Family Fare and lunch at the Driftwood.


Hot? Whew! Open the windows and put the screens in the doors, QUICK! Last time we were up here, I posted photooos of Mouse and I wearing socks on the beach. Not today. Gratuitous shot of my ooooogly foot in the photoooo. Bunions anyone? Yes. For the umpteen bazillionth time, THEY DON’T BOTHER ME! Deal with it 💜


Shortly after I took this photo, I had a heart to heart talk with Titanium Pinky and we took a short dip in Gitchee Gumee. No reason not to since there isn’t an open wound. Emphasis on short though since my style of swimming is to get wet and get out. I held TP close to her lovely neighbor Ring Finger for the [short] duration. By then the chicken had been on the grill a while (I could smell it) and I headed up to the moomincabin and encountered this pair on the back deck. C*Q*L does not have any broken bones. Those crutches are left over from an old injury. She knows about TP and her armor and I think the crutches are a sign of this wonderful young relative’s empathy for other people. Always a good trait in my book and a typical FinFam trait. 💜💚💛


This post is brought to you by none other than Titanium Pinky, who has decided to take back her section of my MacBook Pro’s keyboard and is doing it with aplomb. She needs more work but she cooperated beautifully with her daily exercises today and her, uh, owner [?] is committed to helping her regain full functionality.

One Response to “A belated blast of summer”

  1. Margaret Says:

    A great contribution by TP! I wasn’t looking at your foot, but was eyeing that lovely bottle. 🙂 What’s in it?