Oh man, am I taaared or what? But what a fantastic day. A few pics from today, first C*Q*L driving the GG around the bay in the little Putt Putt Motor Bote.


Then the GG and I took off for a little boat ride of our own. We don’t have a fancy pontoon bote here at the moomincabin but that’s okay.


When we were down in Florida on Cap’n Ed’s loverly bote, there were birds hanging out on all of the channel markers and signs. And so there was a seagull on this green channel marker but it flew off before I got its pic. The seagulls have pretty much flown the coop here anyway. They leave Guano Island in mid-August.


We set out on our bote ride to meet the Speer as it was heading downbound. We stayed out of the channel until it had passed ut and then we headed out into the channel to get this pic.


After our encounter with the Speer, we buzzed the house of Porterization (I had already been Porterized via the Park Store (thanks for carrying my grokkeries out!)) and, when we returned home, my childhood friend Dan had arrived. We had Beer-30 with him and then the GG took a nap and Dan and I and C*Q*L walked in the water down to Doelle’s and back. So many shared memories and so much fun. And more of it when the rest of his expected relatives arrived and we whined while looking through photo albums of Sherman folks and their friends, including many of my dad. Worlds clashed in a good way here in Fin-landia today.

Love y’all and good night. 💜

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  1. Margaret Says:

    What a wonderful time and lots of wonderful memories shared and made!!