Borrowing grandchildren

beaverdamWe went on a loverly North Country Trail hike today from The Niagara Escarpment to Brook Trout Pond. Titanium Pinky is doing very well, thank you very much, but I arrived at the hike wearing her splint armor. I can’t exactly explain this but in addition to the knowledge that the armor is protection against possible re-injury, when you are doing a 4.5 mile hike on a twisty trail, it feels good to have an injured bone, no matter how small, supported while you are hiking. Mostly so you don’t have to think about it. I did spend a lot of time explaining the splint today though. People take one look and think I am in pain. Not so much.

I cracked up when we arrived at the parking lot today. One of our NCT leaders has a passel of grandchildren and when he saw my splinted up pinky, he said something like, “That’s the kind of thing that happens when you have grandchildren.” My response was, “I don’t have any grandchildren so I borrowed one.” That got a good laugh, both from the NCT folks and, later on, The Beautiful Jan, whose grandchild I borrowed for this particular mishap.

We had a wonderful hike today with lots of fun folks including some from Ohio. Me and TP (and her splint) earned a bit of kudos about how fast we hike. I suspect that a woman of my age with a splint on her arm was not expected to be a very fast hiker but I proved hard for most (including the younger Ohio guy) to keep up with, as usual. I ended up having great fun talking to those guys and hope they will travel the distance to join us on future hikes.

Back to the Moominbeach for cocktails on the bank with our old and new Sherman friends. Dinner on the deck and then we sat on the bank with C*Q*L in the dark watching lightning way out above Whitefish Bay. Escorted C*Q*L home and now trying to put a few thoughts into a blahg entry. Higgledy-piggledy thoughts but Titanium Pinky is typing her designated keys without Kayak Woman’s brain even thinking about what she’s doing. TP is still struggling with other things but we’ll get there. She’s starting to feel like she’s part of my hand again. One day at a time.

Love you all,
KW and TP

2 Responses to “Borrowing grandchildren”

  1. Pooh Says:

    Are the Shermans finding everything they need at the Old Cabin? (Hopefully they don’t need baking powder! 😉 )

  2. Margaret Says:

    I’m glad you’re protecting TP; it sounds like you’re not letting it keep you from fun events!! Broken bones, no matter how small, take their sweet time to heal. 🙂