Wouldn’t Wanna Be Headin’ Up Into Gitchee Gumee Tonight!

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Brrrrring! Hello! Whoooooosh!

I was on The Planet Ann Arbor back in 1989 and Grandroobly was calling me from the cabin. He was holding the phone out the door and that “whoooooooosh!” was the sound of the wind. It was September, not November, because it was still warm enough for Grandroobly to be at the cabin. I wished I could be there! It was cocktail hour and it sounded gorgeous up there and he was having a great time!

Unfortunately, it also turned out to be the night that a vee-hickle went over the side of the Mackinac Bridge for the first time in the 30-something history of the bridge. Here’s a site with a spectacular shot of the bridge. And here’s a short version of what happened to the Yugo.

My parents drove my brother and me over the Big Mac the first night that it was open. That was back in 1957. Before that, we used to take the ferry whenever we went down to Megalopolis to visit our grandparents or cousins or whoever. I remember the ferry. We would park the car and I would walk around the deck with Grandroobly and put my hands in my pockets like Grandroobly did. It was usually dark. We had to leave at about 3 AM to catch the first ferry in order to get to Detroit before noon or whatever.

A lot of people are afraid to cross the Mackinac Bridge. I never have been and I am still not, Yugo or whatever.

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