When the Gales of November Come Early


  • Worked on Coldfusion homework.
  • Walked downtown before the sun came up. Through the college, along the escarpment, descending down to Portage. The Cort was entering the Poe, downbound. The Montrealais was leaving the MacArthur, downbound. The Voyageur Pioneer and the Gott were hanging out by the Corps of Engineers and Brady Park waiting for locks, upbound.
  • Worked on Coldfusion homework.
  • Went to Frank’s Place for breakfast. The power went out — citywide — and we almost didn’t get our food but it came back on again.
  • Worked on Coldfusion homework.
  • Got home and found that a power surge had tripped a bunch of circuit breakers and burned out two surge protectors. That gave the GG something to do for a while. One more city-wide power outage, now we seem to be back on line for good, knock on wood.
  • Worked on Coldfusion homework.
  • The mystery of how The Commander’s sagging shed was solved when the neighbor reluctantly admitted that he had dispatched the most recent tenant, a veggie-eating groundhog, and filled in its home.
  • Worked on Coldfusion homework.
  • Went Christmas and grocery shopping with The Commander. Christmas shopping? What the heck, it’s snowing to beat the band. Might as well get going.
  • Worked on Coldfusion homework.
  • Went to the cabin to clean the gutters, retrieve curtain rings, test ammo, and walk the beach snow. Heard a ghost ship blow a master salute.
  • Worked on Coldfusion homework.

4 Responses to “When the Gales of November Come Early”

  1. Pooh Says:

    ColdFusion HW just didn’t rate, did it? Sounds like the distractions were all worthy, however.

  2. Webmomster Says:

    *green-eyed monster emerges*

  3. l4827 Says:

    Couple items here:
    Interesting date on bridge crossing in yesterday’s blog entry, was also the birthday of the Fitz, ya know. Gales of November are remembered.
    Neat shot of snow and trees and all. Good time of year now to experience the weather.

  4. mouse Says:

    i’m soooooo jealooooooouuussssssss