Borrowed grandchild pinky simpatico

pinkysleevesIn which the last night we were at the moomincabin and the last night before my borrowed grandchild returned to school, I think it’s 2nd grade, she wanted to try on my armor. It’s okay, I gave her a clean, unused compression sleeve and whatever they call that cloth thingy that I put on my arm to keep my skin one step away from the plastic splint. The Beautiful Jan (my borrowed grandchild’s grandma) would know what it’s called, as she is an uber-nurse.

This place is a #$^%ing MESS! I *thought* that I had identified and cleaned up the source of the PUTRID KITCHEN SMELL yesterday when we got home. There was mold (or something) in some coffee that had been sitting in the carafe for a few weeks. It’s unusual for us to not clean out a coffee maker but our lives at that time were a bit higgledy-piggledy with pinky surgery, etc., so KW had not noticed that there was still un-drinken coffee in the coffee-maker.

So, yesterday, I thought that the moldy coffee in Mr. Coffee was the source of the Putrid Smell. Alas, I cleaned up the coffee maker and the smell didn’t totally go away. Today I discovered that a box of beef broth had somehow leaked in the cupboard above the coffee maker. Man, what a mess. I removed everything I could manage to remove from the cupboard and tried to figger how to clean up the icky stuff. Alas, my gag reflex kicked in big-time and I had to bag it. The GG cleaned it up. Our beautiful new (2014 renovation) cupboard will never be quite the same, alas.

We won’t even talk about the mess I have down here given our exodus from the moonincabin. We’ll have it figured out by Thanksgiving and that’s all that counts. And by that time, we’ll be taking bag showers while the Blue and Only Bathroom gets re-done. And with luck, I’ll be driving the Ninja again.

Love y’all

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I once (accidentally) put a sack with soft drinks in the pantry, not seeing that there was a steak in the same bag. BIG YUCK. It reeked to high heaven!! Lots going on for you–keep us posted on all of it.