Not-Quiiiite-So-Blue but still Only

Dun dun dun. Today was the day. Product selection day over at CKBL’s office. Why was I so nervous? I do not know. I really hadn’t done my “homework” this time around. I mean, I looked around a wee bit on Houzz and other internet idea sources but I saw very little that knocked my socks off, at least not anything that would work in our little space, even without the chimney, that is.

I should’ve known that CBL would have my number. I do not know how these design folks do it but when we got over there, she had managed to pull together some materials that were so absolutely PERFECT that my decisions were few and not the slightest bit agonizing. So, here goes.

In the photoooo below (and it is a pretty bad photo that doesn’t adequately show the subtleties of color and pattern in our choices) here’s what’s what. The big white slab is our countertop. It isn’t totally white and if you click and click again to embiggen, with luck you might see that there are light veins(?) of beige. This countertop is quartz like the kitchen and we briefly considered using the same countertop in the bathroom but I decided the sparkle would be too much for our humble bathroom. Sitting atop the countertop sample, the white subway tile will line the walls in our [white] tub [mostly 🐸]. Our tiles will be much bigger than that sample. Above that is the black stained(?) oak I chose for our cabinet. Yes, that is singular 🐸. Our cabinet will be unadorned and have the same hardware that we have in the kitchen. Finally, the flooring is directly under the overhanging tile and cabinet samples. It’s a linen-y looking kind of pattern that drew me in immediately. Took me a minute to choose between this color and a lighter one, also to choose black cabinets vs. very dark brown. I had actually been thinking something like teak until I saw black cabinets in a picture in CBL’s office a couple weeks ago. I couldn’t get those out of my head.


So where is the quiiiite blue (besides towels and “art” and stuff)? Again, the pic below does not do this tile justice but this stuff will line the “recess” we’re gonna incorporate in the bathtub tile to hold soap and shampoo and whatnot. It will also serve as a backsplash above the counter.


We chose lots of other stuff today, tub, sink, terlet (dual flush🐸), faucets, lights, etc., and I have some mirrors I’m gonna look at tomorrow, but I won’t bore you with that stuff. I found that I was much more interested in choosing the materials that form the general ambiance of the room, the colors and textures that all of the fixtures will need to settle into.

3 Responses to “Not-Quiiiite-So-Blue but still Only”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Good for you for the great decision making! I can’t wait to see it come together!

  2. Sam Says:

    Can’t wait to see the B&O bathroom, v. 2! Love your choices…the subtle wisps of beige, the black cabinetry, the delightful tiles…such visual chemistry! (clapping)

  3. Tonya Says:

    Woohoo! Good for you! Looking forward to seeing everything unfold!