Some semblance of normalcy

normalcySo, with a big whomping thud, the UMich students are back in town, A2 kids are back in school, and we can hear bits of the UMich marching band practicing over here on the far northwest side of town. There is a home UMich feetsball game tomorrow and the Oscar Tango was slammed tonight. Fall anyone?

Normalcy? Titanium Pinky has not been encumbered by her splint since early this morning when I took my 0-skunk-30 neighborhood prowl. I have decided that I don’t need the splint to drive anymore. I definitely do not need it at Cubeland since TP hits her designated QWERTY keys at about a 98% rate of accuracy and about the only way I could possibly slam into someone in the aisles is by my own reckless galumphing around. But I am not galumphing around because I am being careful. And so, I cautiously made the decision to walk downtown tonight without my splint. I did pack it into my backpack just in case I decided I needed it at some point during the night. I didn’t. Yay!

So here is Titanium Pinky at the Oscar Tango tonight. We were porterized there for the second time this week, the first time being up on the shores of Gitchee Gumee on a beautiful sunshiney late afternoon. I also walked home tonight without TP’s splint but I will wear it when I am sleeping. And I am kind of done for the night. Seeya in the next episode, hopefully a more interesting one.

2 Responses to “Some semblance of normalcy”

  1. Margaret Says:

    And it feels fine? It looks normal to me and YAY for normal activities. 🙂

  2. Sam Says:

    Looks like it’s in perfect shape for elbow-bending!