Not the usual

Saturday, that is. Our Saturday started with an iPhone alarm at that Batscope Hour. Why? So Someone could get up, faaaarrr up his mothership and get online at midnight PDT. Why? Why do you think? Hint, mine will be gold this time. It took a couple hours or something like that. I’m not really sure. I got up long enough to check out what kind of fun was being had, provide my email address (if you are wondering why he had to ask that, you are not alone), watch him click the link to our chosen service provider about a billion times, and shiver a bit. Because it is not really all that warm here this weekend.


Poor guy. A couple (or three?) hours after he finally got back to bed, Someone Else [rudely] awakened him with, “I’ll text you when I get to 7th Street.” And so, Someone Else, who had already dispensed with Titanium Pinky’s splint and taken a shower, proceeded to galumph down to the farmer’s market where she purchased this beautiful haul of late summer produce. The pic does not include the lake trout, beef/bacon kebabs, or locally grown pork chops (REALLY GOOD!). Look away from the maple bacon potato chips. Nothing to see there 🐗


Later in the morning, the GG surprised me with the idea of walking downtown for lunch at the Grizzly Peak. To watch a wee bit of feetsball, don’tcha know. This is not the usual Saturday activity for us but I let myself breeeeeathe for a split-second and… Of course! Let’s walk down for lunch at the Grizzly. I am not in any way interested in feetsball but I do enjoy the ambiance of home UMich games here on The Planet Ann Arbor and I actually like UMich to win although I don’t cry in my whine if it doesn’t.


We did NOT watch the entire game downtown (actually I didn’t watch it at all) but the Boob Tube came on after we got home and wouldn’tcha know, UMich actually won! Rah! Rah! Sis-boom-bah!

Titanium Pinky? Wow, has she been put through her paces today. Not only did she participate in her prescribed regimen of exercises, she hung out with all of her hand companions doing the typical chores that KW does on Saturday. No splint since KW got up this morning. I hope KW has not made TP work too hard but TP feels really good and seems to be working diligently to rejoin the rest of KW’s hand.

Lake trout (with lemon and almonds) and corn on the grill tonight, new potatoes and fresh lima beans on Gertrude. Love y’all and g’night.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    You’ll have to tell me why he got up because I’m very confused. I’m sure I’m going to feel stupid! So glad that TP is feeling good and working well, which makes KW feel normal too. 🙂 Dinner sounds delish.