But you used to make them for your grandparents

backyardNot that it was a bad day or anything, just that the blow by blow isn’t all that exciting.

A trip over to Berkley (not to be confused with Berkeley) for brunch with The Beautiful Liz and The Wonderful Randy at one of those lovely Greek-owned family restaurants that seem to be ubiquitous in the Detroit area (and maybe elsewhere but I wouldn’t know because I live under a rock). These are places where you can get good down-to-earth “American” food like eggs over easy hash browns and toast or you can get a big beautiful spinach pie or a spinach feta omelet (my choice today). We were at Alex’s today. I may never go back there but that will ONLY be because it’s a 45 minute drive from here. The food and the service were excellent.

TBL asked me if I was going to visit my relatives in Royal Oak after brunch. I had to think about that for a split-second before I replied truthfully that I do not have any relatives in Royal Oak any more. And so after brunch, we trundled along home. Our route took us past the Southfield/12 Mile intersection. There are new shops on one corner of that intersection but I was more interested in a rather dilapidated building just to the east of the intersection. I could be wrong but I think that the now lucrative Flute World had its rather humble beginnings in that building. I used to drive north on Southfield past 12-Mile frequently when I first knew the GG and he lived in an apartment over on 14 Mile and I lived on Seventh Street in A2. I stopped there a few times back when I was actually playing my flute.

And home. Where another beautiful Liz came over to do [her] laundry and help engineer dinner. Yes, potato salad needs to be in my menu rotation and thanks for all of the thinking, organizing, shopping, chopping, and overall help. A few weeks ago, she did pretty much the whole deal while I sat in a chair in front of the TV, encumbered with a big ugly cast. Today I was a much more active participant. Although I have done a lot of chopping throughout the weekend and Titanium Pinky was fine, it was nice to relax and let someone else do some chopping. A person whose grandmother taught her how to cut up vegetables with a sharp knife when she was three, so you know she knows what she’s doing.

Twitter plays? A few this afternoon. Untweeted. For now.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    It sounds like a pretty exciting day for me. I just watched a (lousy) football game, went running and hung around home with the cat. 🙂