Off with their heads!

plumcoffeeLovely way to begin the week, coffee @Zingermans @PlumMarket with a beach urchin. Doesn’t matter which beach urchin. Either one will do. This one happens to be my Detroit kiddo, the one who was taught to make ‘hattans for her grandgrumpers back when she was a bitsy little thing. I think the statute of limitations on that particular infraction expired many years ago so don’t anyone even think about dragging yer fav-o-rite blahgger into court for contributing to the delinquency of a minor. (And we’ll talk about the Shooken Up Beach Beer Incident some other time.)

After dinner and some episodes of Twin Peaks and Portlandia, my girl was just sleepy enough to decide to stay the night, so the GG removed the Stuff from the Guest Bed, and I got to have coffee with my firstborn today. This was particularly nice because I have to miss my reglear nucular tagger coffee date with MMCB2 this week. We have been respectfully asked to be at our desks emanating some version of productivity by 8:30 the morning I usually meet my friends for coffee. We work hard over at Cubeland but people tend to trickle in and the place can be a bit dark and thinly populated at 8:30 AM. Not a good thing this particular Thursday.

We’ve been watching Twin Peaks episodes for a while now, ever since the night following the installation of Titanium Pinky. I had this awful neural block and couldn’t keep track of my arm OR SLEEP and I was texting with Liz and she suggested we should watch Twin Peaks. We watched three episodes that night. We have continued with Twin Peaks and these days, we are crushing on Nadine, if you know the series. At least the GG is crushing. I think it is downright weird for a 30-something woman to go back to high school. I sometimes have dreams nightmares about that kind of thing. On the other hand, Nadine kicked ass with some thug last night, so not sure what I think about her. Portlandia? My beach urchin wasn’t sure I would like Portlandia but I loved it! Honestly, some of the characters remind me of various typical Planet Ann Arbor denizens although, overall, A2 is probably nowhere near as crunchy as Portland, not that I’ve ever been to Portland and therefore do not have a clue [snort].

We didn’t spend a whole lot of time at coffee today. We were both messing around with our phones and that’s okay in my book. And I think we were both kind of ready to get moving. Liz on the eastbound I94 18-wheel Clogway and me on my usual slow route around to Cubeland, south of the A2 airport. Work ethic anyone?

4 Responses to “Off with their heads!”

  1. isa Says:

    Anyway, maybe I fixed those ‘hattans back then but I certainly was not imbibing. I do remember eating the occasional maraschino cherry from the bottom of someone’s glass though 🙂

  2. Sam Says:

    Good comparison…Ann Arbor and Portland (the Oregon one; can’t comment on the Maine one).

  3. Margaret Says:

    Twin Peaks? Is that the one that was filmed in Washington? And Portland–I’ve been there numerous times. Very granola and hipster. 🙂

  4. jane Says:

    ah yes – the Shooken Up Beach Beer incident. but as I recall the weather was nice enough to take a dip in the lake if you needed to wash off. 😉