Is that a bible verse? No, it’s a rocket.

rocketI guess we began our Blue and Only Bathroom prodject in earnest a couple weeks ago but even though a wee bit of money changes hands when you sign on the doted line, it doesn’t feel real until the HVAC guy shows up. Not to negate the presence of the prodject manager and our fave designer, just that we have some HVAC issues to sort out on our renovation of The Blue and Only Bathroom. Look at me, throwing the acronym HVAC around like I actually know what the heck it means or what an “HVAC guy” does. Our HVAC guy has a son who attended college at Lake State (LSSU) in Sault Ste. Siberia a while back so he is familiar with the Antlers Barrroooooom and the Norris Center (Lake State hockey rink, etc.) and probably other area attractions but those are what we talked about.

Yes, he also inspected and strategized HVAC stuff. His first reaction? “You’ll need to get a new water heater to do that.” [Take out the chimney.] He kinda backed off on the new water heater but we had already discussed that possibility. It turns out that we can’t remember how old this water heater is. I think it’s older than 2-3 years but not really sure. I guess I could look it up but I’m too lazy right now. I do know that the Norris Center is more than 10 or 15 years old (as Someone guessed today) because I remember when Radical Betty was a Water Ex instructor there back well before I had children and I am not strong enough to tell you how old the beach urchins are tonight.

Now that I’m thinking about it a bit more clearly, the Norris Center was there the night that The Engineer went to play his trombone in the pep band at an LSSU hockey game. He left The Commander and Grandroobly and Radical Betty and Duke sitting at the kitchen table with a full bottle of Jack Daniels (or whatever) and when he got home after the hockey game, the bottle was empty and maybe I’ll tell you about the rest of that wild night some other day, at least The Engineer’s and/or the Comm’s version of it since I was not there. Anyway, The Engineer was just a college freshman then, which means the Norris Center is, well, I’m not gonna do the math right now, okay? Man oh man, do I miss all of those people now that they are over there on the other side.

I had to leave for a work meeting before the HVAC session was done but there are exploratory holes in the Blue and Only Bathroom wall, so we are on our way!

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Woo hoo–on the way to a remodeled bathroom!! Does HVAC have to do with duct work? Heating and ventilation air condition etc.