Morning Glory story. What?

morninggloryThe morning glories seem to be more successful out by the telly-phone pole than they are back by one or another of our beautiful arbors. Don’tcha just love when you take a photooo and it gets photobombed by some hapless insect. To be truthful, I knew there were ants crawling around on that fleur, I just wasn’t working very hard to capture any of them in the photo. I was interested in getting the FLOWER in the pic and I was annoyed that the doggamn STREET was in the background. That ant is a bonus!

Anyway, morning glories always remind me of the days when I was schlepping middle school kids around the Planet Ann Arbor in my loverly old Island Teal POC. I think every kid who regularly rode in that vee-hickle knew that the clock was seven minutes fast. Oasis was often on the CD rotation when we weren’t listening to 89X (was it 89X?). Whatever it was, it was where “Holly” shared the contents of her “little lunchbox” every day and you got to win various bits of swag or maybe concert tickets if you were lucky enough to guess the contents correctly. Something like that.

I guess it was a good thing that I actually *liked* Oasis. I liked most of my kids’ music. There were times when I got a bit taaaarrred of Ani but I would usually say something like, “I will listen to anything you want to but I’m a wee bit taaaared of Ani,” and the beach urchins would choose something that they knew I *did* like, like Oasis. Win win 🐸

My parents didn’t deny us our generation’s music in any way, shape, or form. When you think about it, they raised two children who were talented musicians in their own right. I was a classical flutist and my brother a very good jazz trombonist. When you are listening to your daughter diligently [and constantly] practice her scales, etudes, and repertoire pieces over and over and over ad infinitum on both of her instruments, you do not deny her a wee bit of Cream or the Beatles or Jimi Hendrix or even some crappy bubble-gum type pop music in her spare time. On the other hand, they didn’t really enjoy my generation’s music and we learned not to foist it upon them.

When I was a teenager, I swore up and down that I would not EVER harass my children about their music or clothing, etc. I *think* I managed that. Here’s Oasis with “What’s the Story Morning Glory?” Good song but sorry to say it starts with an ad.

One Response to “Morning Glory story. What?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I liked Oasis too, although morning glories used to be the bane of my existence at our old house where they took over every flower bed. They weren’t this pretty color, but were a plain white! I swear they had roots to China. Jimi was always big in my area since he was a Seattleite. 🙂