Six-speed manual transmission!

mirrorI pulled in to my regular parking space this morning just as Louie-Louiiii was pulling his fancy new Jeep Wrangler Rubicon into *his* parking space. He NOTICED that I was driving my Ninja! He said something like, “You must be feeling better to be driving that vee-hickle”. He meant that Titanium Pinky and the hand she is attached to feel better, of course, not KW overall (although it is amazing how one teensy tinesy broken bone can affect an entire person’s body and sense of well-being).

Louie-Louiiii is a car freak and he notices what vee-hickles people own. I’ll never fergit when the Ninja was relatively young (we bought it new in 2008) and Louie-Louiiii approached my cube one day asking if he could ask me a “personal” question. Hmmm. Well okay. Why not? “Is that Honda Civic SI 6-speed manual *your* car?” I love L-L (in a co-worker kind of way, of course) and I just about cracked up. I mean, the GG and I own vee-hickles jointly but it is true that I tend to gravitate toward driving the Ninja more often than not. I *think* that L-L was a bit flabbergasted that a baggy old bag would prefer to drive something like the Ninja rather than, oh, I dunno what, a top-dollah Honda Accord (like my old Dogha) or some sort of soccer theatre mom vee-hickle like my old POC or a [loverly] Subaru Outback like the one I’ve been driving the past month or so because I couldn’t drive stick with a damn broken pinky.

Not only did I drive the Ninja to work today, I dipped out at lunchtime to sign on the big black line over at DreamMaker. The pic is Kami’s from a week ago of yer fav-o-rite blahgger and her chosen mirror. I look a bit upset (or grumpy or whatever) in the pic. I am not. I am merely in the throes of making an Executive Decision. This mirror’s brown/black/gold frame will riff off our new black-stained cabinet doors nicely.

Walked downtown to the Oscar Tango and back on this beautiful warm September evening. So many people outside in the neighborhood tonight. How many warm nights are left to us? Here’s Sting with one of my fave songs ever, Fields of Gold (probably preceded by an ad, sorry).

One Response to “Six-speed manual transmission!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I love the mirror! I always get comments at work if I drive the Ford Focus. It usually has to do with how much gas is in each vehicle. Or how bad the roads are in winter.