Should we do this with the Blue and Only Terlet?

goldterletAll right! It is Saturday on the Planet Ann Arbor and it is a Football Saturday! I did not walk down to the farmer’s market this morning and lived to regret it. The problem? Thunderstorms in the area off and on throughout the night. Nice non-severe storms but I am not all that great at interpreting weather radar maps and could not tell if we were gonna get more of them or not so I hitched a ride with the GG. It turned out that I’d’ve had a dry, non-luckyshuckyal walk down there so I was pretty annoyed at myself.

It was all right though. For the second Football Saturday in a row, we hoofed it downtown for a beer and lunch at the Grizzly. It seems that we are becoming regulars there as we are now on a first name basis with the (lovely) bartender. I think this is a good habit to continue, as it fits in well with my weekend goal of walking as many miles as possible in between doing my chores. I did *not* do a good job on my chores today. I did *not* accomplish a comprehensive cleaning of the Blue and Only Bathroom. I think that’s partly because I know darn well its days are numbered but it is still not a good thing because we have to *use* The Blue and Only as is until around Thanksgiving and I do not like dirty bathrooms. That said, there are areas of The Blue and Only that were not what I’d call clean when we moved in (before our first child was born) and, as they are more or less un-cleanable, at least by yer fav-o-rite blahgger, I have learned to ignore them. Kami says the new floor and wall tiles will be installed with minimal space between them, so less opportunity for dirt and mold, etc.

A trip to the dump was also in order. Actually two trips, since we got there before it opened on the first attempt. And it wasn’t really the dump. It was the re-use center. They actually wanted the cloudy old glass panes from our Doorwall Glass Replacement Prodject and even some old completely flat Trashmobile trailer taaaarrrs. People might use those taaaarrrs for planters. Yes. As you can see, people use all kinds of artifacts for planters. I’m not sure I want to use the Blue Terlet for a planter but Someone seems to want to keep the dern thing, so we’ll see. Being that we live on The Planet Ann Arbor, it’s doubtful that anyone would bug us about keeping a terlet in the yard. Or a Bathtub Madonna but we’ll talk about those some other day.

The GG is cooking a chicken on the grill tonight. He has been chomping at the bit to cook a chicken on the grill but last weekend was too soon because he cooked a chicken on the grill up at the moomincabin on Labor Day weekend. It has now been two weeks and so I guess it is okay for him to cook a chicken. And a squash. And we’ll have penne with pesto (basil from the market) and fresh lima beans (from the market) and a simple green salad. And Mouse is coming over! Yay for Mouse!

One Response to “Should we do this with the Blue and Only Terlet?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Your menu sounds delicious! I always tease my parents(who have a very fussy neighbor) that they need to use one of their old toilets as a planter. The neighbor, Gary, would complain every chance he got!!