Mercury Retrograde Weekend

So, at 0-skunk-30 Friday morning, I was in the Blue and Only and an incoming text said something about being in the “Sault hospitdl”. I calmly schlepped the clean cabin laundry into the Ninja, ate a half-bowl of Cheerios and headed north. I was already in the process of packing to go north at 0-skunk-30 on Friday but my destination shifted 60 miles to the east. If I am gonna be at the Sault “Hospitdl”, I will most likely have a chance to take the damn laundry to the cabin.

Without giving TMI, yes, there was a Surprise Appendectomy on Friday afternoon. At War Memorial “Hospitdl”. Where I was born umpteen gazillion years ago (and initially had my broken pinky evaluated and splinted this summer). Again, without giving TMI, this was kind of a drive-by deal, where the “donor” was in and out in a wee bit more than 12 hours. Yay for laparascopy is about all I can say. Here we are in our loverly room at the Hotel Ojibway post-surgery. The GG is talking to one of our nieces (I think he called two of them that night) and I am taking a photo through the mirror to show to the beach urchins and others that he is alive and well and not languishing in a “hospitdl” bed at WMH. After I took this photo, we walked next door to the Palace Saloon, where he ate a cup of soup and drank some water. Yes.


I have to say that, at the end of that day, there were so many storms of text and other messages that I kind of lost track. Add to that the “interesting” messages that the “patient” himself sent when he was feeling fiiiiine and random selfies from some people at the Cozy Inn 🐸. If you messaged me in any way and did not receive an intelligible response, I apologize!

Against all odds, we managed by hook or by crook to join our North Country Trail buddies at Tahquamenon late Saturday morning. We had two vee-hickles and one fully functional driver in Sault Ste. Siberia and The Commander’s house has not been an option for dropping off a car for a few years although my brain kept going there… After running through various scenarios in my mind, on Saturday morning, I decided the GG was okay enough to drive the Frog Hopper out to the moomincabin. While he visited with Pete, I dropped off the Ninja for the weekend, then I drove us up to Tahquamenon.

The GG was well enough to hang out at our NCT chapter’s table at the lower falls. I hiked “solo” from the lower to the upper falls. I had so much fun. I ran into all kinds of people including the UU (the GG’s identical twin) and NCT folks and just all kinds of other folks. At the upper falls, the Beach Urchins were waiting! They had come up to help us schlep vee-hickles home. They had planned a Sister Camping Trip for the weekend to explore the Lake Michigan shore in the lower peninsula but they were concerned enough about their dad to change those plans and drive to the yooperland instead. And you know what? It was GORGEOUS in the yooperland this weekend. It felt like summer.

We all camped at the Tahquamenon State Park Rivermouth campground. We had the Lyme Lounge in the section with lucky-shucky. Our daughers chose tent camping in the more rustic section. I cannot describe how beautiful the Rivermouth campground is, so I will just post the pic below of my kids’ silhouettes down by the river on Saturday evening (can anyone guess what those round things are attached to the “kid” on the right?)


The GG and I had originally planned on driving back on Sunday but, given the circumstances, we both decided to take Monday off. Therefore, we were at the Rivermouth campground last night and were able to watch the total eclipse of the moon from the empty campsite next door to the beach urchins’ campsite. So beautiful!

6 Responses to “Mercury Retrograde Weekend”

  1. Sam Says:

    Thanks for the details on the SA, the 12-hr Hospitdl stay (that’s a FAST turn-around!), and the recovery time with the NCT folk…and daughters. Sounds like the Hospitdl part is now…a fading memory?

  2. l4827 Says:

    Glad you saw the Lunar eclipse at Rivers Mouth. It was a tad bit cloudy east of there. Happy the GG is doing well.

  3. Margaret Says:

    Glad all is well and the fam got to be together! It looks beautiful there, but I can’t guess on the round things. I’m not good at it at all; I always know it must be something obvious, so I get stressed about what I’m missing! 😉 The moon was amazing; I wish I had gotten a decent picture.

  4. l4827 Says:

    Otay, are the round things bear beers?

  5. Pooh Says:

    I’d guess mouse ears — the soft and cuddly kind– not the scurry mouse kind. Thanks for the more detailed information.

  6. elizabeth carter Says:

    Mouseeers. That was the way I’ve heard the stoty of the appendix that thankfully did not rupture. I’m glad that scare is over. What a beautiful Upper Penninsula you have.