What color did I get?

Can you guess?


Not really all that excited. Here is my post when we got our first iPhones back in 2007. It was pouring rain the day we bought them and it poured most of the next day, during which Mouse and I did Senegal related errands and then I picked up UKW at Metro and we headed north. I don’t remember the photo being as fuzzy but whatever.


MMCB took the first pic on my first new iPhone back in 2007. We were at Barry Bagels and it was an accidental photo and she was soooo apologetic. I loved it and kept that photo on my phone for a long time but eventually it disappeared.


3 Responses to “What color did I get?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    White? I’m not sure I want another iPhone. Alison is loving her Samsung and the camera is way better. I may switch, once she’s home and able to teach me how to use it. 🙂

  2. Tonya Says:

    Did you get the rose? I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting the new 6s in the next couple of weeks (not sure about the big ‘un, though, but my eyesight has been an issue lately and I wonder if it might be a good choice? Especially since I have no desire to upgrade to a new-fangled iPad…)

  3. Sam Says:

    LOL, remembering bagel-pic story. Loving the “wiggle pictures” with 6s…overall, a real upgrade for me from the 5s. Even more for The Guru, who had an “ancient” 4-series phone-computer-device….