When in doubt (or bored), meta

metaphotoIt is fall. I couldda gotten away with wearing tights today. And a turtleneck sweater. Got my eye on this J.Jill skirt but not sure if I would really wear it. I think the basic color is dark/navy/whatever blue. I don’t dislike that color but my basic color (for bizcaz, anyway) is Black As the Ace of Spades so I don’t really want to start trying to deal with *another* basic color. The idea is to keep the Landfill Closet lean and mean. It looks like there *is* some black in the skirt. Still, not sure if it would make it into my Regular Rotation. Need thinking time.

The “patient”? Took yesterday and today off. Walked downtown and back today. I’m not all that crazy about the “back” part of that but he seems to be doing well. It is important to be active post-surgery (as we were told) but the issue with the GG can be *how* active is active. 17-mile hike? Nooooo. But it is only two miles or thereabouts to downtown so down and back is four altogether and although there are a few little hills and a small woods trail if you choose to walk through Miller Woods, walking to downtown on The Planet Ann Arbor is a stroll in the park compared to the rugged trail between the falls at Tahquamenon, which features long steep uphills, etc. I was very proud of myself last weekend that I could pretty much keep up with my children on the Tahq trail without getting all sweaty and out of breath. Or maybe they were just humoring me. I know that they are capable of hiking/climbing much more difficult trails.

Where was I? The GG is going to work tomorrow and that is significant in a couple of ways. One is that he is feeling well enough to go to work and the other is that they are not shutting down the damn government this year (at least not tomorrow). I have been trying to get used to the idea of having him home during the day. He earned his keep with me today via taking a short grokkery list to Meijer to get some things that the Plum Market doesn’t carry. Why oh why did I not also ask him to take back the growing number of bags of returnables I’ve been storing in the Ninja? I do not know. Returning cans and bottles is usually a Garbage Woman task but truly, anyone can do it.

I’ll end with a little story about The Commander. During the last couple years of her life, the Soo Supervalu grokkery store set up some bottle return musheens outside the store. OUTSIDE! IN SAULT STE. SIBERIA! IN THE WINTER! That wouldda been okay with me. It was not okay with The Commander. She marched her returnables inside and said something like, “I am not gonna use that thing.” Of COURSE, they took her bottles back at the cashier’s station (they are required to do that anyway if you ask). The Supervalu was good to her on other occasions. Like the one where she forgot her credit card and the cashier rang up her grokkeries ANYWAY and let her leave without paying for them, knowing that their elderly [frequent] customer would be back with the money. And that elderly [honest] customer did come back with the money and many apologies. That’s how things roll in a small town like Sault Ste. Siberia.

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