With some stuff left unsaid because Internet

doellesSo, the old lighthouse keepers house at the end of the moominbeach has been vandalized. I do not have the complete details. I am not sure having those details would matter.

If I am remembering correctly, it was teenagers who destroyed the old front range light way back when I was also a teenager. It wasn’t me or my cousins or our PiedyMcNott friends who did it. It was some kids [that I didn’t know very well] whose parents rented the Yellow Cabin that Our Northern Correspondent has now owned for years. She did NOT own it then. The Stevens did and they sometimes rented it out to folks who had destructive teenage children but they also rented it out to some good folks too and I’m trying to think of my friend Jenny’s last name, whose parents were friends of mine.

Me and my cousins and our friends would walk down to the old lighthouse keepers’ house late every night in the summer. We walked down there in the dark and once we got down there, we would sit on the steps and some people would do their best to spook the beejeebus outta their cuzzints and friends. I was spooked more often than not! But I am not spooked any more and can I just say that when my beloved young cousin C*Q*L and I recently talked about the Doelle house being haunted, I asked her if she really thought the Doelle place was haunted and I asked her if she knew which one of her great uncles was good at freaking people out about ghosts and things. She doesn’t believe in the haunting and she knew *exactly* which great uncle and we shared a huuuuge laugh.

When we were kids, there was no road down into the old lighthouse keepers’ house. The guy who owned that place had to drive a motorboat across our bay to get there. It’s sad that there is now a road into there, even though it often resembles a canal. I’m not sure what the folks who built that road were thinking. It provides a way into the place and that means that people can more easily vandalize it. With no one living there and no adjacent neighbors, it’s an easy target.

3 Responses to “With some stuff left unsaid because Internet”

  1. Pooh Says:

    That is sad.

  2. Paulette Attie Says:

    I cannot bring myself to walk down there for it makes me so sad.

  3. Margaret Says:

    People who have that much time on their hands should do something worthwhile, besides vandalize places, but it happens so much lately. Wanton destruction.