Got my Electric Jack-O-Lantern out. Am I good to go? 🎃

jacky0This is The Commander’s Electric Jack-O-Lantern and I am sure I am repeating this story but that cute li’l Timehop app produced a pic of The Comm’s Jacky-O today and it brought me back a bit.

Spring/summer of 2011 was when I was forced by life, the universe, and everything to move The Commander to an assisted living facility (FV) and take away her driving privileges. The decision to move to FV was made right out in open plain sight with me (and other relatives and friends) extolling the virtues of living at FV and some wonderful social workers (who loved and respected The Comm) mediating the conversation. I knew that she could not live alone in her house any more and FV was 1) a familiar entity, 2) one of her BFFs lived there, and 3) it was a half-mile from her house, which we were not in a hurry to sell while she was alive. She didn’t really want to move to FV but she accepted it. She was less interested in giving up her car and it took some cagey-ness on my part (and hers too, actually) to make that happen. In the end, we helped her “save face”. She sold her car willingly but she left the earth with a valid Michigan driver’s license. Very important to someone as independent as The Commander, who had learned to drive in the field behind her house in Garden City at the age of 12 or whatever.

Fall of 2011, she was [not particularly happily but that’d be a whole ‘nother story] ensconced in her beautiful studio apartment at FV. A demand! I want my Electric Jack-O-Lantern! Saaaaay what? I could not figger out what the heck she was talking about. Of course, she wanted to decorate her apartment. (I felt awful for not proactively thinking about that, by the way.) It was either The Beautiful Jan or The Goddess Connie who said something like, “I know where that is.” And so the pumpkin-type artifact in the photooo graced her apartment there that fall. And my living space ever since.

We’ll eventually put some other Halloween-type decorations out and maybe a certain mad scientist will even don a lab coat and use a power drill to make a jack-o-lantern at some point. I dunno if I’ll stuff VanDeGriffe this year or not. I don’t think I did it last year.

For now, I have Jacky-O out there. We’ll go from there.

One Response to “Got my Electric Jack-O-Lantern out. Am I good to go? 🎃”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I love it! I have a similar one and put it out sometimes. My MIL had a wonderful lit haunted house that I looked forward to putting out every year. Unfortunately, it broke a few years ago. Patt might have been able to fix it, but not me. 🙁