If you squint, you may be able to see the Paul Tregurtha and the Edmund Fitzgerald coming down from Whitefish Bay

freighter-viewWhat do you dream? Two co-workers and I today were discussing the same dream. You have been AWOL from work for a couple of days. You are scared to death that you will be fired when you [finally] turn up the next day. But then, the next day, it is something like 3:30 PM and you suddenly realize that you have FORGOTTEN to go to work. This is a Work Ethic dream and it is similar to the one that I have sometimes where I have registered for a college class and have not attended any of the classes and the final exam is looming and I am… well…

I have those dreams but my dream last night was a Shoreline Dream and it involved Round Island. I was looking out at Round Island aka Guano Island from the moominbeach and it looked different than usual and then I realized that there was a whole subdivision built upon it. Big McMansions and whatever. How did they get out there? I do not know. There is no bridge to Round Island and no developed boat landing and no roads (it’s a really small island) and because it was a dream, the water was knee-deep all the way from the island to the moominbeach and some woman who really needed a broom walked all the way to the moomincabin and tried to steal a damn broom. We have a few of them there. I would lend a damn broom to anyone at the moominbeach (although I will bet that everyone there has one or two or ten) but I did not want to lend one to this Round Island Development woman so I yelled at her (in my dream, of course), “This is my broom and I need it and you can’t have it”.

If you squint, you may be able to see the names of the freighters in this photoooo. It is an old one that I did not post before now. These freighters are holding salt and pepper shakers and whatnot in the Lockview restaurant down on Portage, across from the locks. I think have eaten there maybe once and that was after I was married (to a guy from Royal Joke) and had children. My parents did not take us to this restaurant. I do not think it’s a bad restaurant but they had some sort of issues with the once-owner. Issues that I wasn’t told about and didn’t understand except that my dad was a local banker and may have known some things about that owner that I will never know. Well, I sorta knew that he was kind of an asshole but I didn’t know the details. I think someone else owns it now. Go there!

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  1. Pooh Says:

    I haven’t had any memorable shoreline dreams for a while, but I had a doozy the other night about baking cookies, God, and causing the next Big Bang! Maybe our next house-sized stove should be electric, not gas. 😉