Martian sunset

martianlandscapeOh, right, Mars does not have vegetative matter or water?. I do not think I could live on Mars. I am struggling with whether or not to read The Martian. I have a few other books in the hopper before I consider The Martian. Or a gazillion books. Whatever. We’ll see.

I took this photooo exactly four years ago today. Of *course* it is apped. It’s a Hipstamatic setup and I love it and the one I posted four years ago is not exactly the same as the one I posted today although I took them at the same time.

I have no clue what the apricots in the pocket of the blue bathrobe were all about. Vole placenta in the pocket of a jacket in the closet of the [beloved] Moldy Old Courtois Cabin? I do remember when I put The Commander’s Ford Taurus in the wrong gear and also that The Commander had that NASTY respiratory virus. In fact, it was not a virus. Or allergies. Or COPD. It was aspiration pneumonia. Repeated bouts of that horrific illness turned her into a frequent flyer at the ER and hoosegow and significantly hastened her death. I wish I had known what aspiration pneumonia was at that time. I would’ve bugged her ridiculous doctor to death. Alas, I had no clue.

We ate at Knight’s tonight and among other topics, we re-hashed one of our recent surgical experiences. I won’t say which one except that the subject had to make a right/left decision and that it seems that no matter how non-invasive a hoosegow experience is (I am including “natural” no-drug childbirth here), we usually walk away without a comprehensive memory of the experience, albeit we may vividly remember a lot of the details. (The right decision was indeed made in this case and it was to the left.)

In my linked 10/08/2011 entry, I talk about how much I love our NCT friends. I cannot tell you how much that love has endured and increased since that day. All I will say is that I wish I could be camping and hiking at Tahq this weekend.

G’night, KW!

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I loved The Martian, although it wasn’t the best written book. It was gripping, creative and fascinating in a science way. I would survive for one minute on Mars.