ghillieSo, how did your morning begin? Mine began with a standoff. My opponent? The cutest opposum ever. Mrs. O. My weapon? An iPhone flashlight. Her weapon? A pair of very sparkly eyes. (Randomly assigning a sex to Mrs. O. I certainly do not know the truth.)

Now that it is dark throughout my entire morning prowl, I use my phonelight in the woods, so as not to trip on anything. I do *not* want to re-injure Titanium Pinky. I now consider her to be *formerly* broken but still. Anyway, when I am walking through the woods in the dark with my phonelight, occasionally the odd Henry (aka rabbit) will skedaddle as I approach and scare the beejeebus outta me. More often than not, I am spooked by my own shadow aka I am passing a tree and the leaves momentarily cast a shadow. For a split-second, I will imagine somebody in a ghillie suit sneaking up behind me. Then I remember it’s just leaves. In another month I will not have this problem. The leaves will all be down.

Today there was this white aminal with sparkly eyes who ran onto the trail and stopped dead in its tracks as it encountered me and my phonelight. We looked at each other for more than a few seconds. Neither of us moved a muscle. After about 10 hours 20 seconds, I began to walk slowly toward Mrs. O and eventually she moved off the path and I hope she had as good a day as mine was, which turned out to be stellar.

I am an overachiever because in the four days I have been wearing a fitbit, I have exceeded my step goal every day, usually by a *lot*. But we’ll talk about the fitbit later. Or not…

Long interesting day with an unusual start. With any luck, tomorrow will be an even better day. Fingers crossed.

3 Responses to “Overachiever”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m not a fan of possums since our neighbors got one trapped in the garage. However, they are probably nicer out in the wild when they’re not cornered! I am curious about how much I walk at work since I’m in a portable far from the office and fairly far from the bathroom. Hmmm.

  2. Sam Says:

    I dunno, Margaret, about them being nice out in the wild. The first one I ran into when I was alone, probably about 12 yrs old and Very Intimidated (although it was daylight, unlike the KW adventure), anyway, it hissed at me, and my takeaway was that opossums are to be avoided. I still avoid them…especially if I’m on foot.

  3. kayak woman Says:

    I pretty much regard all wild animals warily (exceptions being squirrels and Henrys, which are *everywhere*).