Keep on truckin’

fitbitThis is not my first Fitbit. I was gifted with one a few Christmases ago. It was a thoughtful gift for someone who loves to walk. Alas, I wasn’t “ready” for it at the time. I had been using an iPhone app that kept track of steps and mileage. It was accurate and simple and it worked for me. I stashed the Fitbit Somewhere Safe and promptly lost track of where it was and never found it again…

At some point in time, my iPhone app failed to survive an iOS upgrade. I was sad but I was aware that this app was basically a one-man operation (more on this at the bottom) and I figured something had happened to him or maybe he had simply gotten bored and moved on to other things. Sh*t happens and people change and I moved on. I tried out several other pedometer-type apps but never quite fell in love with any of them and eventually stopped bothering to track my walking activity at all. I walk. So be it.

I’m not sure what suddenly got me “hot” on getting a Fitbit [again, since I can’t find the original one] but last Friday, I trucked on over to REI and picked up a Fitbit Flex, which I am tolerating wearing on my wrist. I don’t really *need* a Fitbit or any other fitness tracker. Walking has been a part of *every* day of my life since I was in college. Actually, since before college but, as a kid in Sault Ste. Siberia, it was a means to get somewhere – school, Laurie’s house, Helen’s house, Grandma’s house, Aunt Marion’s store, downtown, Minneapolis Woods (schlepping downhill ski equipment) wherever. In college, it was a means to stay thin (and get to class), or so I thought. Thankfully, walking evolved into a lifetime habit and I am convinced that it is a major factor in my overall good health and lack of [frequent] communicable diseases, allergies, and arthritis.

Don’t be too impressed by the number of steps on my Fitbit screenshot. I get these steps by taking a long walk every darn morning, plus various walks to the Plum Market and wherever else I need to go that I can walk to. I think that anyone with a non-sedentary job might end up with similar steps. If I did *not* have a sedentary job, my steps might be double what they are. Or not.

Returning to my loverly old iPhone app, it was called iTreadmill and something *did* happen to the developer. Fortunately, he survived with minimal damage. On a quick perusal of the website, I can’t tell if the app will work on my new iPhone 6S. Whether it works or not, I may download it *anyway* (99 cents) to support this wonderful person. What a story!

Love y’all and keep on truckin’,
Kayak Woman

2 Responses to “Keep on truckin’”

  1. Sam Says:

    You are a high-stepper! I rarely get those numbers! I’m in awe.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Having one would probably make me TOO competitive, so I think I better stay away. I will just try to keep walking and active and not worry about numbers. 🙂