Can you believe I once posted this smug little tweet on Twitter? I think we were at St. Cece’s. You can see it below along with my humble response almost a year later.


I *am* doing well but who the heck was I to tweet such a snarky little comment? At any rate, this afternoon/evening, we were gifted with a lovely visit from our Atlantian friends, Sam (archaeologist, not dog) and jcb. They brought whine and food and helped engineer a feast. And they brought something else. Money that we obtained at the Buford Highway Farmer’s Market last April.


Money that we were supposed to BURN while we were down in Atlanta. For good health. Hahahahahahaha! We didn’t burn it then. Why not? We never got around to it, of course. Hahahahaha! Titanium Pinky and Surprise Appendectomy ensued. Our buddies brought the money up here to the Hardland of the [almost] Winter today and I made sure we burned it.




That’s about it except that we have a Find My iPhone app but I think we also need Find My Whine, Find My Corkscrew, and Find My Glasses apps.

Love y’all and g’night, KW.

P. S. Mus musculus is running wildly all over the back room!

One Response to “Schadenfreude”

  1. Margaret Says:

    OH, dear about the mouse. Is it a real one or your Mouse? 😉 I have had to eat many of my words. Not fun to contemplate my own arrogance.