Trail/road hazards

roadhazardA few dark mornings ago, I was walking through the wee bitsy woods behind my house when I encountered a HAZARD! It is dark when I walk through the woods these days, even though it is at the end of my trip and so I use my iPhone flashlight to watch for hazards like this which could easily trip someone who is galumphing around through the woods in the dark and cause them to fall and break their pinky. The one on their dominant hand (although KW’s Left Hand is pretty damn good).

Anyway. A few dark mornings ago, I encountered these sticks on either side of a log that I cross every day. I know where the log is but, if I hadn’t been using my iPhone flashlight to light the trail, I could easily have tripped on those loosely laid sticks… And fallen… And broken a finger/arm/ankle/whatever.

White Hot Anger tried to take over my brain for a split second. Who had done this? Don’t they know that trails need to be kept clear for hikers (albeit “hiking” is way overkill for walking through the wee woods behind my house). I let myself get all Off With Their Heads about those sticks and I spent 30 seconds or so picking them up and flinging them off the trail. How dare those kids do something stupid enough that it might trip some baggy old bag who is walking around with the skunks and possums at 0-skunk-30 in the morning?

Oh, it is kids. The sticks were back the next day. I did not fling them again. KIDS did this. We want/NEED kids to spend time outdoors, especially in the woods, even the teensy tinesy wee woods behind my house. Small that it is, it is a woods and I always feel better after I walk through it. I don’t know what the kids are doing with these sticks but I know where they are and I can see other hazards with my iPhone flashlight. Oh yeah, and trees fall down in the woods sometimes. Sometimes because the wind blows them down, sometimes they just fall… Kids need to hang out in the woods or whatever passes for the outdoors near their house.

That was the trail hazard. The road hazard? Today when I drove into the “business park” where Cubeland is, I encountered a couple of sandhill cranes along the side of the road. I did not stop to try to take a pic. When I got into my Cube (M held down the foyer today, thank you!), I checked fb and my “memories” showed that EXACTLY one year ago, several cranes were hanging out by the pond next to my parking space and I got a photo of them then. It would’ve been cool to get a photo of today’s cranes. I thought about it and there was not any traffic behind me but I figgered if I stopped, I would spook them and they would fly off.

Love y’all, KW.

2 Responses to “Trail/road hazards”

  1. Uncly Uncle Says:

    Looks like the kids made a ramp of sorts for their bikes.

  2. Margaret Says:

    UU might be right about the ramp. Kids LOVE to get air on their bikes!! I spent a lot of time in the woods growing up. Alison loves to hike and be outdoors. Ashley is outside a lot too, as I saw when I visited her. 🙂