Can I just say TGIF?

Not sure why exactly since this week kind of flew by. Mouse and the GG were eating bagels and mobilizing to go hiking as I was working on getting out the door to *work* this morning. They went out to the Discovery Geology Center in western Washtenaw County to walk out to the floating bog and its environs this morning. I so wanted to join them on this beauteous autumn day and here is Mouse up on the lifeguard station on the lake more or less adjacent to the bog.


I stuck work out for the entire day and then I walked downtown to the Oscar Tango. The colors are gorgeous at this time of year.


These hands of porterization are retired hands and, in another six months or so, I will be the only person at the table who has not pulled the “R” trigger. I love my job. I could pull the “R” trigger any time I want to. But not sure that I want to. My old coot pulled the “R” trigger when he was my age. The Commander waited a few more years. What to do? I dunno… Anyway, good friends with beautiful hands and no goddamn broken fingers. Or polydactyly, for that matter. (Does anyone else obsess about polydactyly as much as I do? Sheesh!)


And then I went to use the Ladies Powder Room and encountered this sign. It’s a one terlet bathroom so you do have to lock the door but why the heck did someone who works at the Oscar Tango feel the need to make a sign like this? All I have to say is that people who serve the public at bars and restaurants are not paid anywhere near enough for what they do. Jeebus. That’s why I am a big tipper.


Last but not least, yet another year has gone by. Where does the time go?


G’night, KW

2 Responses to “Can I just say TGIF?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    People who work in restaurants deal with all kinds of stupid. Both my girls have and could write books about their experiences with customers, co-workers, etc. I will be dealing with the R card soon, although I’m thinking not after this year. I’m still enjoying it too much.

  2. Pooh Says:

    The school installed some fancy new locks on the faculty and library restrooms that did need an explanation. Even if you had the door ajar to check which way the lock worked, the bolt didn’t come out. It only came out when the door was closed.