Window on Liberty Street the eve of All Hallows’ Eve

eve3Our usual seating preference at the Oscar Tango is in a middle table kind of katty-corner from the AACT’s tablebut scoring one of the window booths there is golden and that’s where we sat tonight, since we had one more person than usual. So much humanity happens outside the window seat. For one thing, it is where people go to smoke now that The Great Lake State has banned smoking in bars and restaurants. A good thing in the opinion of kw who used to have to throw all of her clothing directly into the laundry after eating out. Although, I will have to say that back in the day when asked “smoking or non” by a restaurant host, we would always say something like, “We don’t smoke but we don’t care if we are seated in the smoking section”.

I captured a few good photos of folks just outside the window tonight. There were quite a few good photos I didn’t quite get. In the end, I didn’t post any of the photos I *did* get, except for the minions across the street. My theme would have been something like “Halloween costume or not”. Alas, the decent photos I got were of people who were likely struggling in some kind of way. Homeless in one case maybe. A few other weird looking [to me] young people but maybe they weren’t even struggling [and I bet I look pretty weird to them too]. A man who lurched drunkenly down the sidewalk and slumped down onto the bench outside our window. A woman visited him a couple of times and eventually got him to stand up and walk away with her. I wanted to be able to hear their conversation and yet I didn’t.

Good evening with good friends and family (npJane). np drove us home and then came in for a wee nightcap and what little family gossip there ever is. Powderpost beetles anyone?

And so begins another weekend here at the Landfill on the Planet Ann Arbor. We were thinking of heading north tomorrow morning but but but… I dunno. We’d just be driving back again on Sunday. So we’ll be here galumphing around and hoping for trick-or-treaters tomorrow night.

Love y’all,

2 Responses to “Window on Liberty Street the eve of All Hallows’ Eve”

  1. Margaret Says:

    A real slice of life going on. I am a keen people observer, so I would have enjoyed(if that’s the right word) seeing the humanity. I’m very interested in people and their stories.

  2. Sam Says:

    Love window seats for the same reason….