Landfill Dungeon, Halloween version (and more)

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that we were going ta-da-dump ta-da-dump ta-da-dump dump dump again this Saturday. I was Sitting On the Green Couch Watching All the Dogs Go By (and finishing my donut and coffee from the farmer’s market) when the GG asked me to put on my Queen of Recycling Hat and research where we could drop off old paint. YES!!! That led to a side trip into household toxic substance disposal. YES YES YES!!! Turns out the toxic stuff will have to wait until next weekend but we did drop off some PVC pipes (once used for a science fair prodject) at the re-use center and most but not all of our paint at Ta Dump.

I thought the GG was just organizing paint and stuff but when I ventured down into the Landfill Dungeon to move the laundry around, I encountered this! Yay!


I was headed to the Plum Market, so I didn’t see what he did with the shelves until later. I was a bit disappointed that he didn’t dismantle them and get rid of all the stuff. He only moved them. Still… Here is what is behind those shelves. The “chimbley” that we are going to demolish SOON and our “new” (is 2005 new?) high-efficiency furnace, which does not use the chimbley.


I caught myself thinking about running Rooomba around down there and then I GOT A GRIP! The dungeon is going to be a construction zone SOON. Why bother cleaning the floor? I also decided that I have washed the shower curtain (cloth) for the last time. Our new tub will have glass doors. I know there will be challenges with keeping those clean, etc., but I am ready to face them. At least we will be starting out with NEW CLEAN STUFF! As opposed to tile that was installed in 1959… … …

So, we have tentatively instituted A New Thing into our Saturdays On The Planet Ann Arbor “schedule”, which is walking downtown for lunch. We have been going to the Grizzly Peak and we *love* the Grizzly Peak but I could tell that the GG was a bit tentative about going there *again* today. So I suggested the Red Hawk and that turned out to be a win! We ate at the bar although a window seat might’ve been fun on Halloween. The Red Hawk was a fave on our “beat” a while back but the river of life has taken us away from it in recent years. It is still a wonderful place and I think we’ll have to re-incorporate it into our lives.


On the way home, we stopped at DHG and Argus Farm Stop (to get stuff I forgot to get at the farmer’s market) and we encountered this Halloween-enhanced version of a well-known fairyland.


We were saddened to see the next photo. Why on earth would anyone destroy a Little Free Library? We walk by this one all the time. Actually, they are EVERYWHERE in town now. How can Little Free Libraries be a bad thing? I do not know. I’ll spare you my thoughts about football fans vs. hiking/kayaking/x-c skiing fans even though I know that most football fans do not destroy Little Free Libraries.


Oh, yeah, it is Halloween. We are lightly decorated (mostly lights) and open for business. It is rainy here and in the upper 40s, so really not too cold or icky for trick-or-treaters. Still, aside from a couple of early “rushes”, it is quiet here. And then, just now, the doorbell rang. I wore the costume below to work yesterday. That is, I wore it for a few sporadic moments, mostly for the LSCHP’s sake. It was a hit with those who saw it, including the LSCHP, who kind of freaked out, mostly because KW was actually wearing a costume and maybe because KW was sitting in the building moom’s seat and the LSCHP might not have been sure if it was KW, since she and Mary and Louie-Louii are randomly sitting in building moom’s seat. I declined to enter the annual costume contest.


3 Responses to “Landfill Dungeon, Halloween version (and more)”

  1. Sam Says:

    The t-shirt makes the costume.

  2. Margaret Says:

    That’s sad about the little free library. 🙁 Glass doors can be a pain, but you just have to train yourself to wipe them down each time you shower. That keeps them OK.

  3. l4827 Says:

    29 goblins today, one set of 3 U of M food gatherers. Happy Halloween.