Yay for Smiley Poop 💩

Well, first of all MMCB1 was [uncharacteristically] ready for a little snort of something in her coffee this morning. I suspect that is because her beautiful home is being completely renovated due to water damage (broken plumbing, not weather-related) to the point where she and her family have de-camped to an apartment down the road a mile or so. This is happening in between the cracks of all the usual globe-trotting that she and her family do. I cannot keep up with MMCB’s travel schedule (actually, thinking about it sorta nauseates me) but the most recent trip was to Australia with a side trip to Tasmania, hence Taz, who will join Stowaway and Tagalong in the Frog Hopper’s back seat cup holders. Here’s Taz sneaking up on me with his bro, who belongs to MMCB2, behind him.


And then I spent the morning walking around Cubeland with pop musheens and their handlers, helping troubleshoot narrow doors and the like. Is this part of my job? No, it is not. W1.5 asked me why I was baby-sitting them. Well. 0) Because the LSCHP alerted me that they would be coming and I was at the Building Moom’s desk when they came. 1) Because the LSCHP was NOT here. 2) Because those nice cute young purple-shirt guys WERE here. 3) I am not sure what the rules are. 4) Okay, we won’t say what 4 is but it involves the fact that I am NOT the LSCHP. W1.5 *totally* got it (and we both cracked up laughing). I think it’s important to pay attention to what one’s (apostrophe?) job responsibilities are and not get taken advantage of. I also think it’s important to pitch in when you can. I learned a lot today and our pop musheen vendor folks were top-notch gentlemen to work with. If there is work to do, I will pitch in if I can. The pop musheen guys don’t give a crap what my actual job title is but I think they will remember me as a nice friendly baggy old bag who helped them do their job.

Our new pop musheen is below. It takes Apple Pay! At least it says it does. It supposedly takes dollar bills (and twos[!] and fives) too. I encountered W1.5 trying to buy a pop later in the afternoon. He doesn’t have Apple Pay. He was trying to feed a dollar bill into the musheen. It was not working. He may be missing the old musheen, which took coins but he sometimes had to come over and retrieve the back-scrubber thingy that used to live on the top of my cube. He used it to reach up into the musheen to get his pop or whatever to drop all the way down to where he could grab it. Eventually, I think he adopted that back-scrubber thingy. I didn’t care. It was there before I was. As far as I know, no one has tried to use Apple Pay to buy pop yet but who knows? I know that it is NOT part of my job to make the pop musheen work!


The poor old GG is out “vacuuming” up leaves to put in the compost bins tomorrow (and maybe everyone else’s too). It’s supposed to rain tonight. It has been *extremely* warm here for November — daytime temps in the 70s. I know that this weather cannot last much longer. I hope that we won’t have the snowstorms of last November.

G’night. KW

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I hate water and everything to do with it sometimes. I need to call a plumber for a few issues and am putting it off. 🙁 I pitch in when I can too because it helps out the people I work with and I like them. Sometimes it’s not about the strict job description.