Gin margaritas

ginmargaritasToday? My friend became Bubbe for the second time today and there is another one on the way. Grandchildren are raining upon her and I am very happy for her.

I arrived at work on Monday to find that the UberBoss had hired a new person for our team. Surprise surprise surprise. Her computer finally arrived today. Jeebus… She is wonderful and I will be happy to work with her. It’s kind of an odd feeling to have a new hire on my particular team. I have been working there for eight years and because it’s been that long since we have hired a new person, I still feel a wee bit like the new kid on the block, even though I am definitely not. This week I have made a quantum leap into old baggyness.

I am determined to schlep 95% of our Thanksgiving food via backpack. This afternoon, I schlepped over to the Plum and purchased cranberries, Canadian bacon (Eggs Benny), olive oil (because I needed it anyway), Hollandaise sauce packs, and salad bar lettuce (for tonight because I am out of farmers market red leaf lettuce). I’ll get as much fresh stuff as I can from the farmers market on Saturday plus multiple trips to the Plum throughout the weekend and next week. It’ll be fun!

I will be packing up the Landfill Bathroom this weekend so it can be gutted, along with the chimney. This is nowhere near as huge a prodject as packing up the Landfill Chitchen but I still have to do it.

I am posting this pic of The Comm and Radical Betty because I have been thinking about generations today. And holiday dinners. And who cooks them, etc. I do not have any kind of coherent thoughts about all of that at the moment. In the pic I have posted, The Comm and Radical Betty were in the moomincabin chitchen concocting margaritas. We had taken a boondoggle trip to Petoskey that day (Mouse and Aimee were with us) and I had lasagne in the oven. We figured out a few minutes later that The Comm had accidentally substituted gin for tequila in our margaritas. What did we do about that? We laughed like crazy! We were having so much fun and I miss that generation so much!

2 Responses to “Gin margaritas”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Gin, eww! 🙂 I’m not a fan. I will probably be packing up my kitchen this summer for a remodel. The bathrooms were indeed much easier.

  2. Paulette Attie Says:

    We are currently in a major bathroom remodel, after 21 years. They started two days ago. The kitchen remodel starts soon afterwards. Going to Gaylord this morning to get a bathroom countertop. Oh, great fun…