Cranberries? Cranberries? Oh yeah…

daisyUsually by this time of November (especially with a “late” Thanksgiving), I have the gravy and cranberry sauce and sometimes even the mashed potatoes pre-made and in the freezer. This year? Turkey? What turkey? But we’ll get to that. It isn’t that I haven’t spent a moment or two or ten here and there thinking about my Thanksgiving menu (don’t fergit about the Eggs Benny in the morning, KW) but I am NOT organized and it took a facebook post to remind me about cranberry sauce.

I have been especially annoyed about all of the crap people are posting sharing on facebook lately. If you are reading this and occasionally do that kind of thing, I am not annoyed at you! But I love when people post little slices of their lives MUCH MORE than when they repost “funny” cat/dog thingies or poorly researched articles, etc., etc., ad nauseam. And so tonight, a friend posted about how her cats haven’t exactly done their job lately because she observed a Scurry Mouse, uh, scurrying along around the perimeter of the room. Been there, done that, no cats here. She was so intent on solving the Rodent Problem that she took off to the hardware store to obtain a different trap… forgetting… that she had cranberries cooking on the stove… Yes, her house is still standing, as is her recently renovated kitchen. Apparently the cranberries were ruined along with the pan.

My take-away from this? I need to buy cranberries. Top item on my list though? TURKEY!!! I intended to order a heritage turkey from Mr. Chicken at the farmer’s market. I asked him about it a few weeks ago and I was hit with such a huge barrage of [friendly] talk about how he doesn’t really have any heritage turkeys this year that I finally feigned a bathroom emergency to get away from him. Oh, not really. But as much as I love Mr. Chicken (and I do) I think I will schlep a turkey home from the Plum Market this weekend. Along with a whole bunch of other stuff from the Plum and/or the farmers market.

If you know any of us, you might know that although we aren’t the biggest eaters on earth, we do eat WELL and so we will on Thanksgiving. I do need to make a list though.

P.S. You might be wondering (or maybe not) why I am so distracted about Thanksgiving a mere week before it happens. If you are thinking something like, “She’s suffering from early Alzheimer’s” (say it in a snarky high-pitched voice, please), you would be wrong. What you may not remember is that by Thanksgiving Day, it is a strong possibility that we will not have a fully functional bathroom and will be taking showers via the bag shower in the Landfill Dungeon. It’ll be fun fun fun now that mama took the shower away (that is a video link) but thankfully The Landfill Chitchen will be intact [knock on wood] for its second Thanksgiving!

5 Responses to “Cranberries? Cranberries? Oh yeah…”

  1. isa Says:

    How about this year you leave some of the cooking for Thanksgiving Day, not to mention your daughters?

  2. Margaret Says:

    I like Isa’s advice! 😉 Don’t stress, the idea is to be together, laugh and eat whatever. Traditions be damned. I’ve been going a bit crazy over FB lately and intend to (possibly) deactivate once Ashley is back. We use messenger a lot since it works better than email. But I can feel my B/P go up when I read some people’s posts and that is tiresome.

  3. Pooh Says:

    I make my cranberry sauce in the Cuisinart, not the stovetop. I saw a recipe yesterday that I may try when Dan is here, though. It includes BACON and fried onions and apples along with cranberries! BTW, we’ll be in A2 for part of Xmas break. Dates TBD.

  4. Sam Says:

    I just make traditional cranberry sauce (ingredients: cranberries, sugar, water), and am very happy that it makes my guests swoon (some exaggeration). I only consume about one teaspoon-full….

  5. Gay Says:

    What a cute dog!