Making sense (or not)

beaverpondSo many things in my life have not made a lot of sense in the last few years. Common sense please? PLEASE? And then there was my first work email of the morning…

I couldn’t describe my systems analyst job in under about 10,000 words and I won’t describe the email chains (from last week) that I came home to yesterday. I researched the issues thoroughly and answered in detail. As I always do, I ended with, “I hope I am making sense.” In other words, if you don’t understand what I have written, don’t get into a panic and skew it in some bizarre way. Let’s just talk about it!

Yesterday wasn’t the best work day I have ever had in my life but it doesn’t in any way measure up to the time I stormed out of my Childhood Job when a programmer I worked pretty closely with insulted me (and my intelligence). Or so I thought. I was not fired for bailing out like that. I wasn’t even reprimanded. My boss Byron understood. Byron is dead now and Adult Me thinks I could’ve handled that whole thing differently. In fact, I can’t even remember exactly what made me so angry that day. That programmer and I worked together happily for many years after that. We should’ve *talked* just a bit.

I learned a lot about how to deal with people during my Childhood Job. In my adult job, I use those skills a lot. Because I often have to write email messages that detail very complicated issues and I am not always sure I have articulated those issues comprehensibly and because many of my highly intelligent colleagues know English as a second language, I almost always end with something like, “I hope I am making sense.” What I mean by that is a warm, “Please talk to me if I said something incomprehensible and we’ll go from there.”

My first email today? It was from a co-worker who I have great respect for: “You always make sense.” I soooooo neeeeeeeded that. (Although I’m not sure it is always true.)

This November is a lot warmer than last November although snow is on the horizon. Click here to check out last year on this date.

2 Responses to “Making sense (or not)”

  1. Sam Says:

    I second the motion: you always make sense. Hugs.

  2. Margaret Says:

    You seem immensely logical to me and I would enjoy working with you, although I would probably drive you nuts. I’m an oversocializer. 🙂