The Last Shower

I washed my feet in the Blue and Only Bathtub after work today for the last time. Tomorrow morning will be the Last Shower. Sorry about the general grossness of the photooos. Suave Ocean Breeze shampoo (soap fo[r] ha[ir] is what one of my cute little beach urchins called shampoo when she was a brand new talker) is my only hair “product”. I think we used to buy Freesia but I couldn’t find it at one point. I switched to Ocean Breeze and haven’t looked back. I keep a stash at Houghton Lake (and anyone there is welcome to use my shampoo at any time if they don’t prefer a different product💜) and I supply the Moomincabin with it for the summer and take whatever is left at the end of summer home. That back-washing thingy came in sorta handy when my right wrist (pinky finger) was in a cast except when it fell apart…


I will be sooooo glad when I don’t have to use a wet washcloth to keep the drain open. I have been using this technique for 30-some years. It works but it is gross. I am currently in the habit of switching out the washcloth with great frequency. That hasn’t always been true though and I have thrown a few of them out rather than contaminate a load of laundry.


Certified Kitchen Bathroom Lady says that this tile is the original tile and I believe her. No the bathmat does not match it at all. I do not have a clue why I didn’t buy a plain color bathmat. When we bought The Landfill, there was actually blue carpet in there. It was removable but it disintegrated after I washed it a few times and I eventually jettisoned it. Carpeted bathrooms don’t do it for me.


And then there’s the chimney that we’re removing. It’ll still be a small bathroom but getting rid of this useless 1959 artifact will gain us a wee bit of space.


A gratuitous shot of the Blue and Only Terlet. TMI to talk much about my long-running relationship with that terlet. Goodbye.


I’ll remove the remaining stuff in this closet after I take my Last Shower tomorrow morning. We’re keeping the closet but cleaning it up. It is on the back end of the tub faucets and shower head.


And then there is this. The chimney.


I hope the DreamMaker guys don’t freak out about this artifact every time they walk into the basement. I ALWAYS DO!!!! HINT HINT HINT! Of course, The Commander wore the mask on occasion…


2 Responses to “The Last Shower”

  1. Uncly Uncle Says:

    too bad you lose the toilet. I’m sure you’ve done some of your “best work in there”. (quote from Don about the cottage toilet) “did some of my best work in there”

  2. Margaret Says:

    Love the UU’s comment–it made me laugh SO HARD. Best work, hahaha. I don’t miss my old toilets, but I’m not a huge fan of the high ones, so I’ve tried to get the lowest high ones. Ashley has told me many times that those “thrones” are not good for the colon. Of course, she is very used to the squat type toilets which are excellent for colon health, but hard on the quads. 😉 Keep us updated with progress pics!