What are you doing for Thanksgiving? Probably not what we’re doing ;-)

The GG took the day off today and I asked him to text me pics of the Blue and Only Bathroom Demolition scheduled to take place. The first couple pics showed some progress, including the Blue and Only Terlet in the Blue and Only Bathtub (not shown). And then there was this!


I have to admit that when I saw this, the first thing that came to mind was something like, “What the heck are we doing and why are we doing it on a holiday weekend?” And then, where is the Blue and Only Terlet?

I was much happier when I received the next photoooo, which shows that all of the debris has been removed and they are taking out the vintage 1959 floor tile. I did a few cartwheels over this one! (Oh, not really. I have not done a cartwheel in 40 years.) Re-reading this to check for typos and odd commas and things, I feel a pang for the folks who originally bought this once-new ticky-tacky kind of house back in 1959. I’m gonna guess that they loved that [new/fancy] tile and it was probably wonderful back in 1959. We won’t fast forward 50-something years into the future until somebody questions my design choices.


Okay, the Blue and Only Terlet returns. Whew! Y’know, the Blue and Only Terlet works like always and this room with its bathmats and things is actually pretty comfortable. The scary part about this photoooo is that many times in my life I have used bathrooms in people’s homes that looked kind of like this. Long renovation works in progress stalled due to lack of money or cheeeeep crappy rental units (due to lack of money). Or just plain lack of money. This kind of thing is different than outhouses. I know about those too, oh boy oh boy.


I was expecting to have to fill up a Bag Shower for tomorrow morning but the GG surprised me with a pretty dern luxe Landfill Dungeon Shower! It’s hard to see it all in the pic but our existing shower head is hooked up to the laundry tub faucets and our existing shower curtains are strung up for privacy and there’s a cute little Soap/Shampoo Station and a kayak paddle towel rack (that’s to the left outside the pic). I will have to use the Bag Shower for a couple days when they re-jigger the water heater but this li’l shower makes me so happy! Yay for Courtois Family boyz!


3 Responses to “What are you doing for Thanksgiving? Probably not what we’re doing ;-)”

  1. Sam Says:

    U have a great and wonderful fella there, now known as Shower Creator? SC? Just askin’…

  2. Margaret Says:

    Amazingly creative! I love it! Is a bag shower like a bucket shower. (had to do those a few times in Senegal)

  3. elizabeth carter Says:

    This is the Greatest Show on Earth.