Mimosas, Samosas, and Gobblebombing

And a few other things like Eggs Benny on Gertrude.


And gobblebombing. This guy is taking a little break from gobblebombing.


We watched the Dee-troit parade. I should say that we turned the parade on. I was so excited about watching the Detroit Thanksgiving Day parade when I was a child. My grandparents lived in Detroit and all my mom’s relatives lived in neighboring suburbs and I always wanted to go to the parade. Alas, we lived five hours away from Detroit and about all I could ever do was watch it on TV up in Sault Ste. Siberia. Black and white TV. I don’t care any more about going to the parade. A little slice of it on TV suffices. And so today we saw an *awesome* middle school marching band (first middle school band in the parade EVER) but then there were these… uh, elves…


My Mouse was sitting in a little nook where she couldn’t see the TV but she could *hear* the elves singing. The singing was pretty awful and their costumes were really awful too. I couldn’t entice Mouse to come around to where she could see what the elves were wearing so I took the pic above and texted it to her. Who on earth thinks that families are not communicating with each other on holidays just because they are tethered to their phones…

I am apparently collecting things even while I am getting rid of things. The turkey planter and chicken couple match my turkey plate (the last xmas gift I received from The Commander, from an antique store in Sault Ste. Siberia). If you ever manage to make a trip to the beautiful little city of Manistee and you have any interest in antiques at all (and I normally don’t…), stop in at Maryann’s. Just do it. And eat lunch at TJ’s Pub. You won’t regret it.


This walking to the Plum Market pic is turning out to be an annual tradition, where Liz takes a pic of me and Mouse walking to the Plum to pick up desserts and, today, champagne because the champagne we opened up for our mimosas today was as old as all getout and tasted of vinegar. We bought champagne and some other things too.


So here are our mimosas and samosas. “Samosas? Are you guys drinking?” I think this is a new “tradition”.


These big dirty snowballs were all over the schoolyard today. We reminisced about the only time my mouse ever came home crying from elementary school. She was in second grade and it had snowed and she had made a couple of beauteous snowballs and Some Others had threatened to destroy them. We saddled up Sugar (a green pink plastic sled tethered to the front door) and I helped her haul those snowballs home, where they were free to melt safely in our front yard.


Our Thanksgiving temperatures differ pretty wildly. We were lucky enough to get up to 60 degrees today and so our walk over to Miller Woods was very comfortable. And here is my fav-o-rite fledermaus standing below her house.


As we were walking home, Goose and Karl arrived at The Landfill. The GG had fallen asleep and, not recognizing that they were not his spouse or biological children, groggily told them he wasn’t ready to wake up yet. It was okay. We were almost home and we rescued them, not that they needed rescuing as they are welcome in our home at any time. And now I am about done for the night.

Love y’all and hope you had a good Thanksgiving!

P.S. Mouse is right (see comments). Sugar was a pink sled. Jealousy was green.

2 Responses to “Mimosas, Samosas, and Gobblebombing”

  1. Mouse Says:

    Sugar was pink!! The green sled was “Jealousy”.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I love samosas, but am not fond of mimosas. I don’t like champagne, so I always ask for a virgin one. 😉 That turkey platter is awesome!! It sounds like a great day.