Null but in a gentler way than last Friday

No need for a Beach Day today. I wasn’t at any time White Hot Angry at anything or anybody today. It was a pretty good day. Telecommuted for a good half day, then walked downtown for shopping (local shopping, not Black Friday stuff) and lunch at the Red Hawk (with a beach urchin). Rained ALL day. Umbrella rain, that is. Then walked home, then walked downtown again for cocktails and dinner at the Oscar Tango with npJane (and a beach urchin) and a dose of porterization. After all that walking, we cadged a ride home with npJane. After popcorn (I was hungry believe it or not) and a couple Downtown Abbey episodes, it seems to be STILL raining. Very dark day in general but feeling pretty good after spending time with beach urchins, a cousin, and friends. G’night. Here’s our window view from the Oscar Tango tonight, minus the gargoyle.


One Response to “Null but in a gentler way than last Friday”

  1. Margaret Says:

    We’ve had clear weather lately, but cold. 20s at night and barely over 40 during the day. Brrrr.