At least it’s in the right colors [snort]


Twitter play:

Setting: Just outside the Landfill Once Blue and Always [Maybe] Only Bathroom…

The GG: Are you going to take a shower?

Lizard Breath: Yes.

The GG: I won’t look down if you won’t look up. [Explanatory note: you can glimpse the Landfill Dungeon through the cracks between the floorboards in the Once Blue and Always [Maybe] Only Bathroom.]

Fully functioning water closet or not, we seem to be running a decent hotel here because our beach urchins came over to The Landfill on Wednesday night and one of them is still here. Or maybe it is the Death Marches we sponsor for our guests. Today I surpassed 30K steps on my fitbit for the first time and I wasn’t even trying.

Sponsored Death Marches of the day? Farmers Market at 0-skunk-30. Our guest [wisely] chose to stay in bed a bit longer on this cold, dark morning so she missed that one. Yer fav-o-rite blahgger took a quick jaunt to the Plum Market to obtain supplies for a little eggy-type breakfast for our guest. Finally an odyssey: Downtown, then down Main to the stadium where there was some kind of big sporting event going on today. We were merely tourists in terms of that event so we headed back up Main to downtown. We ascertained that there weren’t three bar seats in a row anywhere at the Griz, so we headed up the street and obtained a “beer” and lunch at the ABC Brewpub. Haven’t been there in *years* but it will definitely be added to our Saturday Walk Downtown for Lunch “rotation”.

Then back to the Landfill where our guest gathered up all of her laundry, etc. and put it in Ruby and… then… I nagged the GG to make a faaaaaar in the faaaaarplace. We have had very few faaaars so far this season. Too warm for the most part. After quiiiiite some nagging, the GG eventually made said faaaaar. Our guest bagged a homeward trip, retrieved her laundry, etc. from Ruby and then demanded dinner! Which works out well since we have tons of Thanksgiving leftovers here and I think we have eaten out for every meal *since* Thanksgiving dinner.


Bonus Twitter play:

The GG: Doesn’t it feel weird to be walking around the basement with no clothing on?

2 Responses to “At least it’s in the right colors [snort]”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Why “beer?” Was it fake? 😉 I hated having my bathroom torn up and I have three; you are a great sport!! You make walking part of your normal daily routine, as do I. That’s why I can (pretty much) eat what I want.

  2. Pooh Says:

    My guess would be that though they were at a brewpub, they chose different beverages than beer.