Cubberts and things

paintI had to brace myself to walk into my house this afternoon. Why? Look ma, no terlet! Although our contractor had planned to set the terlet up after each day’s work, we found out on Friday that putting in the floor might be tricky enough that the terlet would have to go away for a night. Monday night or Tuesday night. We weren’t sure.

So, whaddya do when you live in a “modern” house with indoor plumbing in a “suburban” neighborhood where outhouses are not allowed? You have a couple options. If you are dealing with #1, you can use a drywall bucket in the basement or you can provide nitrogen to the plants in the back yard. Both of those are reasonable options for us. We have a few drywall buckets around (we have a source for those but that’s a secret 🐸). And at this time of year, it is dark when we are home and there are places in our yard where we can’t be easily observed doing urbanP, at least in the dark. And it is not cold enough to freeze your [insert body part here] off this particular December! #2? Some things are better left un-discussed.

This potential situation created quite some hilarity at the end of my work day, not to mention a few offers of other people’s facilities. I appreciated those offers but I am not gonna drive to Hamburg Township or even down to W1.5’s house if I have to P in the middle of the night. I will find another way, thank you very much. I am pretty resourceful in that area, having grown up using an outhouse during the summer months. A real one with a great big hole. I dare you to shine your flashlight down that hole 🐗.

So we have a terlet tonight and I am thankful for that and if you thought for even a nano-second that I would faaar the contractor and haaar a lawyer to harass the contractor because of one unexpected night without a terlet, you are nutso. We like the contractor a LOT and we are all human and sometimes things don’t go EXACTLY as planned and that would amount to pole vaulting over mouse #2. And we are tough and resourceful when it comes to dealing with plumbing stuff.

What else did I come home to today? Our cabinet and sink have arrived (but have not been installed yet – they are in the front living room). And Certified Bathroom Lady left an accent tile sample and some paint chips to choose from to match it.

And I am outta steam so that’s about all for tonight. 💜

2 Responses to “Cubberts and things”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I never doubted that you would handle anything you were faced with. After traveling all around the world, bathrooms (or lack thereof) don’t phase me as much as they used to. 😉 Love the tile color or is that backsplash?

  2. Pooh Says:

    Not that you asked, but I like the paint card on the top better than the bottom ones. Some neighbors on the next block have had a porta-potty on their parking strip for months. I think it’s for the workers, for whatever they’re doing. It has wood lattice shielding it, which is a little too Martha Stewart for me, but hey, I don’t have the PP decorating my lawn either.