In which mus musculus eats a sandwich and goes swimming

Yes, we are having another of our intermittent infestations. The mice scurry in, the mice scurry out, the mice play pinochle on my snout. Actually, I have never had an actual Scurry Mouse play pinochle on my snout or even run across my shoulder while I was asleep. It was a young squirrel (shirrel, cirker, eeeeek, whatever) that ran across my shoulder. Anyway, we trap a bunch of mus musculus specimens and they go away for a while and I don’t know what happens to their habitat but they reappear. I cannot figure a pattern to this. Once when the Beach Urchins were actually urchins and The Commander and Grandroobly were down here visiting, My Old Coot donned a face mask and resolutely sprinkled diazinon around the perimeter of the house. Our target that time was some big ugly black ants but it kept the mice out for a good long time too.

This morning I was doing something in the chitchen and I heard some scrabbling noises under the sink. I opened up the cubbert door and there was mus, staring straight at me. I do not do mus traps so of course I texted the GG, who told me to give it a sandwich, which I did and when I got home mus had taken a nice swim in the, you know, terlet, which STILL works but we now have a NOTE from Justin (or somebody) that we will REALLY be without one tomorrow night. Knock on wood, that night is optimum for us to be without a terlet because we are goin’ downtown to see Iris Dement[ed] at the Ark so we will have access to modern plumbing for the evening and we are heading off to the Great Not-So-White North on Friday so there are rest areas, etc. So like maybe eight hours without a terlet? I can do it!

Aaaaand there is progress! The kind of visible progress that can be posted, that is. This is what the wall above the new [but filled with construction stuff] tub looked like this morning. I dunno what is up with that loverly (really) color of adhesive paint or whatever it is but see that little recess? (View from the throne because that’s as far away as I can get to take the photoooo 🐗)


Here is a similar view this afternoon. BIG white subway tile! And that teal/blue accent tile I posted the other day will line the little recess. It will hold shampoo, etc.


Just to show you that the tile goes all the way up to the ceiling. I struggled to remember if the old blue tile did that too. I didn’t think so but… Outta sight, outta mind, after 30-ulp years of taking showers in that Blue and Only Bathtub. The GG set me straight that the Blue Tile went up two-thirds (or maybe four-fifths) and there was [icky] drywall above that. I do wish I could find a pic somewhere that had a gratuitous shot of the beauteous Blue/Green/Purple/Metallic Silver wallpaper that we had for the first few years we lived here…


2 Responses to “In which mus musculus eats a sandwich and goes swimming”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Lots of progress and good timing with the toilet. 🙂 I do not like mice.

  2. Sam Says:

    All the way to the ceiling is good; we had the ceiling tiled, too, in our shower, and I think that was a good call. For a tub/shower, I could go either way…. Great progress!