Is this my Annual Bah Humbug post?

fogWe do not have a Christmas tree yet. I’m sure one of those is in my future. This foggy scene is in front of a friend’s house on a small lake in the Yooperland. This is not the only seasonal decorating they did. There were two very small artificial trees and various other artifacts inside the house. I read a couple of the childrens’ books. I think these folks go to visit their children and grandchildren for the holidays these days.

I kind of wish I could do a minimalist thing this year but I suspect there will be some big honking top-dollah tree set up here at the Landfill by the end of the week. I wish I had more time to focus on it. It has been a challenging season. Renovations going on at The Landfill. Renovations going on at work. A work prodject involving actual clients who came out to the office last week, big as life. Good but unusual and my work has been kicked up a notch. Hiking junket to the yooperland. Shopping? Other than a couple of serendipitous items at Alan’s Voyageur Trading Post up in St. Ignace and goofy Santa glasses for Frooooog, I have not had time to shop. Downtown is kind of ho-hum this year and I can’t feature Briarwood Mall having anything worth buying. Sigh. I used to love going to the mall. I do not have any good ideas for anyone, including myself. Again, I do not NEED anything. Yada yada. [Sorry Moom about the yadas if you’re reading this from wherever you are.]

So let’s focus on the positive. The *good* thing about setting up a Christmas tree is that when it finally gets taken down, the whole back room gets a thorough vacuuming (or two or three) and dusting and cleaning and de-cluttering. Last year the tree did not get taken down until January 9th, if you can believe that! npJane and Mouse came over and helped me remove it from its stand and throw it outside (dinner at Knight’s was involved) and I went in there on my hands and knees the next morning. D-Day. (I do expect our tree will be taken down earlier than January 9th this year.)

I’m not sure where I’ve ended up here. I think that by xmas (actually by later this week), we will have a fully functioning bathroom again. I will be happy about that but the “camping” has been fun in the interim.

Hope y’all are having yerselves a merry little xmas (I love to hate that song). Love, KW

P.S. Treasure Mart has prob’ly long ago sold the aubergine glass vase that I coveted last winter but didn’t buy (why not?). And there are those choppers. Like the ones Marilyn lent me up at Tahq last Feb on that frozen weekend. A bit oversized and with a wee bit of fur trim if I am remembering accurately.

3 Responses to “Is this my Annual Bah Humbug post?”

  1. Sam Says:

    Possibly a Southern culture lack of knowledge here…but what are the choppers you refer to? I’m guessing NOT false teeth!

  2. l4827 Says:

    We were wondering what the choppers referred to also. Could it be a motorcycle with butterfly handlebars as seen in the movie Easy Rider?

  3. Margaret Says:

    I hate shopping and do as little of it as possible. I did put up a tree, but mostly for the kids. Ashley will like it when she comes back from Senegal. 🙂