Should I just rename my obscure little corner of the internet The Toilet Blahg?

When we left for the yooperland Friday morning, this is what our toilet looked like.


I knew that unless there was some unforeseen problem, we would again have a toilet when we returned home this afternoon. Why I thought they would put the Blue and Only Toilet back up I do not know but I was surprised to open the [closed] bathroom door and see this Wondrous New [but still only] Eco Toilet! And yes it works!


Can y’all believe it is something like 60 degrees here on The Planet Ann Arbor today? That is unseasonably warm (I think we broke a temperature record today) but definitely not unheard of. There was the winter we lived in an apartment on Jackson and I think there were about two days of truly cold weather all winter and one of those was the day we were driving to work and the battery in my old gold Fiesta died at the Huron/Seventh intersection. Not to fear though! We had a new battery in the back and the GG grabbed some jumper cables and jumped the dead battery from the new battery and on we went. And then there was the winter that Mouse really needed a new winter jacket but we couldn’t find one that she liked and we kept procrastinating and I think she somehow survived via various sweaters and things. Bad moom? I dunno. You pick your battles with middle school kids. And Mouse has always been sort of a furnace anyway. [Okay, ducking for cover. Quack quack quack.]

It was chilly, rainy, and WINDY in St. Ignace this morning. We gave a half a thought to driving over to our Brevort Lake section of the NCT and doing a wee bit of hiking but decided to get on the road instead. It could’ve been worse. It was waaaaay too warm to snow. Lots of rain down to somewhere around or below Bay City, I fergit exactly where it finally stopped.

Yesterday I got over 28,000 steps in. Those are my favorite days. Today? I didn’t walk this morning except for back and forth between our room and the restaurant at the Driftwood. I walked to the Plum this afternoon after we got home. And then we drove down for a sunset hike at our fave urban hiking spot by Barton Dam. I wasn’t sure I was gonna get to 10K today, first time *ever* except for the time my fitbit was lost for half the day. As luck would have it, I managed to hit 10K at the *exact* moment I stepped off the footbridge as we arrived back at the parking lot.

We didn’t go to Java Joe’s (see comments from my RegenCuzzints yesterday). I kind of didn’t know about it until we drove by it on the way out to the hike yesterday. It *was* open yesterday, unlike a LOT of businesses in St. Ignace, including some HUGE hotels behind it. Think Holiday Inn and the like. I was a bit surprised that so many businesses were closed, some for the season, some obviously forever, some I couldn’t tell. We will definitely check out Java Joe’s at some point and I will make it a point to wear a tie-dyed tshirt. I packed *one* of those this weekend but never wore it for complex weather/activity reasons. Queen of Layers here… I’m wearing it now in my chitchen where I have the window open because it’s so warm out.

Love y’all and join me in a toast to my New and Only Eco-Toilet! Cheers! KW.

P.S. I did see a guy in tie-dye SHORTS in the Driftwood restaurant this morning. Not quite that warm 🐸

2 Responses to “Should I just rename my obscure little corner of the internet The Toilet Blahg?”

  1. Sam Says:

    Impressive throne!

  2. Margaret Says:

    It’s not blue!! I can’t believe that your weather has been that warm and that I somehow missed this post. I don’t think my reader is working 100%. 🙁