Whining in The Introvert Corner

partyIn a way I had some trouble believing that it’s close enough to the xmas holiday that we traveled today to meet up with as many CFam relatives as could manage to attend a family holiday party. It’s not easy to find a date that everyone can get together and so not everyone in the fam *did* get there. Lemme see… Garth and Sally had 10 children (two are dead alas and neither of those had children). The surviving children (that includes the GG) have created 19 grandchildren (my kids are two of those). Beyond that there are, lemme see… 14 great-granchildren? Correct?

Our little nuclear family did all manage to get to the party this year. I spent a fair amount of time hanging out in the Introvert Corner with my s-i-l The Beautiful Gay and whoever else came along to talk to us, which was a fair number of people, believe it or not.

Our annual party was huge this year. As we move along through the generations, I realize that although I know who all of the children of my nieces and nephews are, they do not necessarily know who the heck I am. Who the heck is that baggy old bag? It’s okay, I have been a Great Aunt for many years now. The eldest of our great-nephews/nieces are teenagers or just about. The youngest (that were in attendance tonight) were racing around like crazy dressed up like Peter Pan and the like. I doubt that they could’ve cared anything that us baggy old people were there and I loved that! They were having fun at their grandparents’ house like my cousins and I used to do when we were kids.

Love you all, KW.

One Response to “Whining in The Introvert Corner”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That’s a LOT of family! I would have been hanging out in the introvert corner too, although most don’t think I’m an introvert because I’m very outgoing. 🙂