It’s the solstice and the glacier is rolling in

glacierThis is getting pretty close to my neighborhood. I will go over to Cubeland tomorrow morning, if only to pick up the few items I still have left there: iPhone cable/charger, stapler (one of the few office supplies I actually use), hairbrush, and a piece of corporate “swag” that I was gonna jettison but got shamed into keeping. And I fergit what else. Hopefully I’ll get there before the glacier rolls over my Loverly [once] Dog-Poopy Cube. How long I’ll be able to stay there is anyone’s guess. Then I’ll be working from home during this darkest, dreariest time of year. Sittin’ on the Green Couch Watchin’ All the Dogz Go By.

At least I am not sick! One of the “selling points” for adopting the Green Couch in the first place was something like, “But everybody in my family has been sick on that couch!” I caved. I have since lived to spend the rare sick day on that couch. It’s a good place to watch dogz go by, roight? And suck on ice chips. Anyway, I said I wasn’t sick but I do seem to have developed a wee bit of a code id by dose. It’s okay. Some people think it has something to do with dust. Not. It should be obvious to anyone who lives with me that I do not have dust allergies. I also don’t consider a cold an illness, more like a recurring condition of life that otherwise healthy people get over. You get a break if your particular cold comes with a fever or sore throat. My current cold doesn’t seem to have either of those symptoms. My daily step count still averages 15K plus, a good indication that I am not “sick”.

Today may be the shortest day of the year but, as they are explaining on NPR right now, it is not the earliest sunset. There’s a long explanation for this and my brain doesn’t have the chops to process it at the moment (although I do track the position of the sun and moon on my phone). I think we may have talked about this in my physics class senior year at good old Soo High. Mr S was a really good teacher and not only at teaching physics. What I remember most was how he comforted us the day we arrived at physics after trig when Mr K threw Stu across the room. Mr K was also a great teacher and always gentle but Stu had challenged him for some reason. Stu later apologized and went on to an acclaimed medical career and Mr K didn’t even come close to losing his job. This ultimately happy little story might have turned out a lot differently nowadays in the Age of Perfection where teachers can lose their jobs over… well… I cannot even begin to finish this sentence. But *anything* is probably appropriate. I am by definition an Imperfect Person and I understand.

I think that this blahg entry got off the rails at some point but I’m not really sure where. Booby prize to anyone who can figger that out.

Love y’all,
Imperfect Person

P.S. Are *you* an Imperfect Person too? Look in the mirror.

2 Responses to “It’s the solstice and the glacier is rolling in”

  1. Sam Says:

    IMHO, wandering maybe, but not “off the rails.”

  2. Margaret Says:

    I agree with Sam–off track, but not off the rails. I LOVE your tangents and they are part of why I adore your blog. And you, although we’ve never met. Teachers can lose their jobs over most anything in some states, but mine is a fairly strong union one, so they are not generally frivolous reasons. Most of my colleagues who have lost positions are ones that deserved to. Older people don’t get many colds, so I feel YOUNG when I get one. 🙂