Hey, *I* had *red* straps on *my* splint!

She was about my age (?) and she was ahead of me in the Plum Market checkout line, wearing a removable splint with HOT PINK velcro straps. Wouldn’t you know she had broken her pinky too? How did she do it? Having too much fun, of course. She tripped on a root in the woods and I didn’t totally understand the details but somehow her finger got wrapped around one of her hiking poles. Surgery? Titanium screw? I didn’t quiz her. I didn’t really wanna know. We had a moment of sympatico and then she moved on out the door and I had to re-bag my grokkeries because I was yakking so much I didn’t alert the efficient cashier that I had my own bag.

In other news, I got booted today. Oh not for good. There may be people out there who might wish me to lose my job but if you are one of my nine Reglear Nucular Taggers, you might have decrypted my boring bunch of blather in recent days to understand that Cubeland (where I work, of course) is being totally renovated. Oh don’t worry. We’re not gonna be turned into Google or whatever. There won’t be places to sleep or game rooms or whatever. We’re re-carpeting and rearranging all of the cubes and offices. That is about all.

So, these guys were there when I got in this morning. They were moving all of the file cabinets outta the bullpen across the street from me. These boyz were polite in the extreme (so sorry about the mess/noise/whatever Ma’am, etc.) and their fatherly boss kept calling me “Hon”. Which I actually kinda liked but I’m sure nobody that I work with would ever use that kind of term to address me.


A little later, the whole bullpen with the filing cabinets in it was destroyed. This is right across the street from me. There is a wee bit of an Easter Egg in this photooooo and it has nothing to do with the chairs [snort].


Shortly after this, we were kicked outta the building. I went to the bathroom and this is a view of my cube from when I came out. With all the bullpens between my cube and the bathroom removed.


So, I am telecommuting for the holidays. I have eight whole damn hours of paid time off to use and I will use it since I can’t carry it over. I hope that they clean my cube when they move it… Not that it’s all that dirty… We’ll see what they do…

One Response to “Hey, *I* had *red* straps on *my* splint!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That will feel weird to be home working, or is it common? I can’t do my job from home, except correcting and recording stuff. Planning requires too many supplies, as well as a copy machine. 🙂