DJ Dad and some Xmas Elves

Just to get this outta the way, I was MUCH better today although those who I met for lunch down at the Grizzly might have wondered, given all of the coughing I did upon my arrival (after walking two miles downtown and it did settle down). But seriously, no muscle aches aka no low-grade fever.

I am not alone in contracting the Christmas Crud this week. I met my Thursday Coffee Buddies this morning and one of them sounded just as bad as I do. I don’t suppose I can call it the Christmas Crud in her case, given that my Thursday Coffee Buddies are Jewish. Anyway, I stopped off at Kroger after coffee. I needed Kleedex. Guess who was also in there buying Kleedex. And then our OTHER coffee buddy showed up there too.

Home (with Kleedex) and after a trip to the Plum and some random chores, we walked down to the Grizzly for lunch with all of the Fin relatives who are currently in town minus Mouse and npJane who were both working 💜. (Thanks to the Marquis for picking up the check. He was definitely quicker than me at check grabbing. Today anyway, the weekend is not over yet…)

So here we are walking through West Park with Lizard Breath wearing my infamous Maple Leaf backpack.


I won’t try to explain the gyrations we went through figgering out what to cook for dinner tonight. The relatives we met for lunch were having salmon. Salmon. As if it was only that simple. I was lost at sea about what to cook tonight. Elf number 1 and my ancient Vegetarian Epicure cookbook helped sort that out. Split pea soup enhances various leftovers. And here is elf #1 cooking on Gertrude who screamed at her at one point but that was KW’s fault.


Elf number 2 is wrapping a few presents at the last minute, and I knew there would be people who would be need a wrapping station tonight so I refrained from cleaning off the dining table although I did run Rooooomba and we won’t talk about all of the sekint cuzzint Rooooomba traps I set, at least not tonight. Elf #2 didn’t cook anything tonight but that’s okay. She has been working two jobs lately and brought dessert-type goodies home from both of them. 💜 her and Speedy Water Janet Pop Mousey Mushroom Ears (and Frooggy and Green Guy too).


Finally, here is the GG aka DJ Dad failing at getting our “vintage” CD player (an 80s xmas gift/purchase) to work.


We have xmas music going now (through the computer, not via the CD player) but not all of us are particularly happy about the choices. Except for this one [it prob’ly starts with an ad, sorry].

And that is about all I have today. Merry Christmas to everyone whether you celebrate the holiday or not. I can’t speak for everyone in my family but I am an agnostic who celebrates whatever holiday I dern well want to celebrate. We have to find joy in our lives, not to mention laugh and have fun. If you celebrate Christmas, I wish you merry merry merry. If you do not celebrate Christmas, I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow. If you don’t want to participate in the frenzy of gifts and xmas trees, at least consider making a small feast for your family and friends and putting up a few lights to add some warmth and color to this dark time of the year.

Love is all there is.

Love y’all,

2 Responses to “DJ Dad and some Xmas Elves”

  1. Sam Says:

    I definitely vote FOR the lights. Very cheering.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Lovely thoughts! We had split pea soup on Christmas Day, that Ashley somehow concocted from my nearly bare cupboards. Do you know the book Stone Soup? It felt like that! She just called it COOKING. I wasn’t crazy about Ashley’s choice of Xmas music either; I prefer Mannheim Steamroller. 🙂