Green Brown Xmas

I am not a fan of big inflatable ornaments but I loved this scene early on xmas morning. Actually later than I wanted to be up and out but if I hadn’t been able to see the sky in the background, I probably wouldn’t have taken the pic. Oh, just another inflatable Santa. But not so much.


And then there was this, uh, gift, which I saw on my way outta the woods behind my house. I don’t know who Gretchen (or Nate) are but I *think* that the “gift” is Dog Poop Bags. Which might explain why Dog Poop Bags have been stuck into the chain link fence lately. [Delete long rant about why people get so dern hopped up about Dog Poop. You’re welcome.]


Of course it would not be a holiday at The Landfill without some sort of disaster. Last year Two years ago it was the Blue and Only Bathroom. The New and Only Bathroom is now 99% installed and today’s incident involved Mr. Coffee. Let me just say that if you run a coffee maker without a carafe to catch the coffee you will be cleaning up coffee spills all day *everywhere*. I mean, I was finding little drops of coffee all the way across the room.


After gifts and brunch, the GG pouring us a wee leetle pre-hike snort of Xmas Decadence.


A lot of folks are complaining about the lack of snow everywhere in the Great Lake State. Green Xmas? Say What? I understand the issues about climate change but darn it all, the last several winters have been pretty awful around here and I am feeling grateful that we were able to take a little hike down by the dam today without suiting up like we were traveling to Antarctica or somewhere. 45 degrees and bright sunshine? I’ll take it. BTW, there were a LOT of people walking around by the dam including a few cute little trolls under the foot bridge and one lonely old “soldier” chipping away at some graffiti.


As so often happens, a gift gets forgotten and I forgot the little robot I bought the GG quite a while back, like September. I think this brightened the dark end part of an otherwise beautiful xmas day. Also, who else wears a mouse tie?


One Response to “Green Brown Xmas”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Love the mouse tie and the weather. Ours is getting quite chilly, although the rains have calmed down a bit. Coffee with no carafe? OH LA LA. I’ve dropped coffee grounds on the floor and they are also quite messy and hard to clean up.