La la la [snort]

bearSome of my uber-organized facebook/high school buddies ALREADY HAVE THEIR XMAS STUFF TAKEN DOWN! I have seen their pics throughout the season and they had a whole lot more decorations up than we do. Jeebus! We just BARELY got our xmas tree UP this year. Just was NOT happenin’. I could blame the bathroom renovation prodject and maybe even my work’s renovation prodject (and a wonderful long weekend hiking up in the yooperland that I wouldn’t have missed for the world) but in the end it was just laziness.

Needless to say, what decorations we managed to put up are gonna stay up for the next week or so. I think I will try to take them down next weekend. I do NOT want to wait until The Commander’s Birthday this year (although that little escapade was sure fun last year [wink]). It DID feel good to clean up the chitchen this morning. It wasn’t really all that dirty. I had a full contingent of chitchen helpers last night and for the first time in my life, I own a dishwasher that actually CLEANS DISHES. But then there was the Duck Pan, which was used on the gas grill without an aluminum foil liner last night. I figured it might take about 10 days of soaking to clean that thing but my old hand-dishwashing zen kicked in and between that and a few good tools, it took me a couple hours to get it cleaner than it has probably been in years. I have to believe I was channeling The White Tornado aka my aunt Katie. I caught up with the linens (such as they are) too. Given that there is usually a Holiday Plumbing Disaster of some sort (see yesterday’s entry for this year’s episode), we use a lot of towels most holidays.

So I feel very accomplished today but I haven’t looked at the Back Room yet, the room where xmas morning happens. I know that it’s nowhere near as messy as it used to be when we overloaded our young children with more gifts than they could possibly process. Nowadays it’s more the Man Cave ambiance that tends to start taking over if I don’t try to nip it in the bud. There is a Man Cave in this place. It is in the Landfill Dungeon and it used to be called the Freakout Chamber… … …

A slow but not slodgy morning, then Mouse headed off to her home and work and one of Liz’s BFFs (since middle school) came over and we walked downtown and met up with RegenAxe at the Red Hawk and then, as we were walking home we spied the Courtuenkels and I grokked and we accepted a ride home and then we kind of crashed although not all of us slept (although I did knock out for a few minutes, unusual for me) and then it got dark and we are listening (sort of) to PHC with xmas leftovers in the oven.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Nice to have a dishwasher that cleans dishes! I still need to rinse them off, but otherwise, it works well. I will take my decorations down early next week, except for the girls’ snow globes which I usually leave up for January. I like to get back to “normal” as quickly as possible after a holiday. It used to drive Patt crazy! 🙂